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Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is slowly ticking me off....

So I emailed by videographer this morning asking very politely if the DVDs had been set out yet, if so what method and can I have a tracking number. I mean you contacted me the beginning of the week, I responded promptly Monday morning, and its Thursday and I haven't seen them or heard from you. Well, seems that a couple of the DVDs have errors on them and he had to re-order them, thanks for not letting me know. I, again politely, asked that he let me know how long he thought it would take for them to come in, test them, and then mail them out to me. Also, I asked him when they go out, let me know and provide a tracking number. No response to my recent email.

Today is Sept 11th. I was told on June 7th that they would be here in 8-10weeks. We're almost at 14 weeks. And I want my freaking video, I've been paid in full since June 6th...... I want my freaking video.... (this is me stomping around my office.....) Give it to me DAMN IT.... So some of the 5 DVD copies I'm getting have errors, ok.... send me one that is working.... Throw me a freaking bone here.... I'm dying....


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