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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Girls

So I can't believe I hadn't blogged about this earlier, my Bachelorette Party in VEGAS baby VEGAS! It was one of the best weekends of my life. We had an awesome time and it went by was too fast.

We all flew in to meet mid day Friday and stayed at the Mandalay Bay. Since Lauren (the one that booked the room) flight was delayed, the rest of us met out by the pool and proceeded to get drunk. Lauren finally arrived and we headed up to our room, we got a very nice 2 master bedroom suite, and it was actually quite affordable when split between us all. I got to open a couple of gifts, we ordered some late, late lunch. That night we went out to dinner at the hotel and then out to PURE, DJ AM was there, and it was off the hook. We talked our way into the VIP area and hung out with a groom of guys from Chicago there for a Bachelor party. Some headed back to the room early, but I insisted on staying longer and dancing my booty off. Amy (MOH), Lauren, other Amy, and I got back to the room and the rest were sleeping. I wasn't ready to go to bed, MOH Amy and I went down to the tables. I lost $50 in 10 minutes so I headed back up and went to bed.

This is what drunk looks like the first day there. Sporting my new "Soon to Be Mrs. Warren" hat. Thanks Jes.

In Da Club. We got there right when it opened, and stood in the girls only line. We didn't have to pay, it was awesome.

The next day we all woke up pretty early and all felt like crap. But we had a big day planned, our friend Adam (who lives out in Vegas) had arranged for us to have a pimp ass cabana at Wet Republic at the MGM Grand. Unknown to us, it had just open a week or two before. It was totally off the freaking hook. We had bottle service all day, a private pool, awesome food, and so much fun. I haven't been that drunk by noon in a really long time (since the beer breakfast days of college).

I highly suggest checking it out, the cabana is pricey, I'll admit. But we had an incredible hook up so it wasn't that bad. Plus when you're in Vegas money doesn't really seem to matter. Its Champagne all day long, right? Oh.. well it was for me....

One of the awesome cabanas.

We left at about 5 or so, I think. It all started to get a little blurry. I pasted out in the lounge chair. Our friend Adam got into a fight. Amy MOH threw up in the cabana (the service staff had it cleaned up in no joke 2 minutes). FYI - it was Amy's 28th b-day too. And to be honest, in all the time I've known Amy I've never seen her get sick, so I know she was trashed.

* this is the fighting words going down...

So we left the MGM, I headed back with Amy in a cab and we passed out. Not before Amy puked out the window of the cab.... Poor Amy... The cab driver didn't even question it. I know everytime I've went out in Chicago and I girl got sick in the car, they flipped their sh!t, must be different in Vegas. Don't worry, I tipped him good.

We all started filing back home to the room, and unfortunately, none of us could make it out that night. I don't think we even ate dinner.


Muffy said...

Awwwwwwww! You had a lovely party!!!!!! FABULOUS!

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