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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Southern Discomfort

As you may know by now, I'm originally from the Midwest. While I did live for a brief period of time in MS and LA (around age 4 -5, parents still married), I'm a "northerner" and living in the South has taken some adjustments. But some things, just rub me the wrong way I can't stand them.

My #1 discomfort living in the South is..... Fire Ants. OMG I freaking hate these lil bastards. They are horrible. We have a nice yard, maintained well I believe. But we still get ants from time to time. And those lil mothers... create pure agony for me and the dogs.

The last time I did actual yard work I got bit my some ants and what the doctor thinks might be a spider. Somehow it appears that I spread the "venom" to other area of my body. Yeah it's freaking disgusting... I had to get medicine and prescription ointment to get rid of them, I actually have a scar that hasn't went away yet... that was about 3 - 4 weeks ago.

So Fire Ants.... You are #1 on list...

Don't worry I have more to come... hopefully, the southerns that read this blog can help me with some of the others that make the list...


Stephanie said...

I'm from the East Coast myself then went to college in the Midwest.

What is with the roaches and fire ants?!? AH I hate it.

Feel better! I am not used to all of these bugs.

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