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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Post Wedding Chop

I'm getting my hair cut and highlighted tonight after work. I'm in desperate need of both. Since the wedding, I've been bad about up keep. No manicures, pedicures, tanning, facials, etc... I was on wedding detox.

Brent loves my long hair so I don't want to get a total chop but its losing some length most definitely. Funny story, when I first met Brent - well online that is- I had long hair probably alittle longer than it is right now. I had recently come out of a bad relationship and decided to chop it all off to alittle below my chin level. I remembering Brent, during our first phone conversation telling me that he preferred long hair. I said " Oh that's good, I'm getting mine chopped off on Saturday." He was like "NOOOO..." But I did it anyway, to be it was a release. My ex loved my long hair and I wanted to distance myself from that POS as much as possible.

So now, cutting my hair would be sort of a release again. While I think longer hair makes me look a little older (which I need), I need a change. So I'm thinking at least right below the shoulders, we shall see.... I'll keep you updated...


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