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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Update on my Mom

She spoke with the dr's office, and the cells were abnormal. She's going into meet with the doctor tomorrow and then she's going to go and get a second opinion. She is handling it ok. She is a strong woman. I know she's going to fight this thing and win.

Well, I would love if I was always the glass half full person. But unfortunately, that's never been my MO. I knew when she called to tell me that she found a lump that it was cancer and so did she, even though she didn't tell me that. My great grandmother had breast cancer and my grandmother had breast cancer. I have come to accept that there was going to be a time when my mother got breast cancer and so will I. Its a weird thing to think about I'll admit but its true. Especially, when you hear of young women having double mastectomies to remove their breasts before they have the chance to get cancer. I understand that and I have caught myself thinking the same thing over the past few days.

It just sucks to deal with all this BS and be 10 hours away from my family and 4.5 hours away from my husband.

But I'm going to see him tomorrow. Brent found a motel near base that allows dogs, I'm going to head up there to see him tomorrow night and stay for the weekend. He told the motel that Charlie is only 40 lbs, hopefully they'll never see him....


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear the news on your mom. I will keep you guys in my prayers.

Hope you have a safe trip to MS.

Ha!Ha! Charlie 40lbs...Ha!Ha!Thats funny..

Muffy said...

This is so sad! I hope she gets well soon. I will think of her in my prayers.

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

We'll keep you and your mom in our prayers. Glad you're getting to see your hubby--if you ever need anything, I'm here for you. We military wifies are a tight-knit bunch! Hugs and prayers, Christina :)

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