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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Be Still my Heart!!

PROJECT RUNWAY IS BACK.... Yeah I can hardly contain myself. Season 5 started last night...

OK - I loved the grocery challenge in Season 1 and I LOVE Austin Scarlett so needless to say I was happy. I wished I could afford a Kenneth Poole dress for my wedding, he is FAB.
Anyway - the season looks to be ok. Here is a look I liked and some I thought WTF.

This is my favorite, I loved it. But she didn't win.

This is the winner, I liked it. I like the treatments she put on the vaccuum cleaner bags.

This I absolutely hate and I can't stand the designer either. Which seriously leads me to believe that the producers do have a say in who gets kicked off each week. First off, WTF is it, its stupid and weird and the designer (sorry don't know names yet) it a freak. So that's why I think he's still there, good TV perhaps. Anyway I have a couple of things to say about him.
1. Stop tanning you look weird.
2. Stop trying to start your own catch phrases, its pathetic and sad.
3. Does he have a coke problem or something, why does he keep sniffing like that and touching his nose. Did anyone else notice that. It was weird, and they kept showing it which leads me to believe something is up or at least they are trying to make it seem that way.

Last but not least, I am NOT HAPPY that Project Runway is going to Lifetime next season. I think its a bad idea and people are too greedy for their own good. They're going to have new producers and a new channel, not happy about that at all. I love BRAVO and other than Lifetime movies, I never watch that channel.


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