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Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Wrap - Up

So this past weekend, nothing too exciting occurred. Friday went to see Dark Knight, it was awesome (post later) and then came home to hang with my hubby. Saturday, did yard work, cleaned, played on my new laptop, and went to the O Club Pool. Saturday night we went to originally get Greek but found out that the restaurant we love is no longer there and replaced by some type of Mexican and Country Food Place, I'm not sure what that is. So we went down the street to a Mexican restaurant, which is also under new mgt, the food was ok. But granted I said I wanted Greek or Chinese, so Mexican wasn't really doing it for me. Well Brent & I split what has become our usual Fajitas Texans (shrimp, chicken, and steak). When they went and bought some beer and watched a movie at home - my choice. So I picked a total girlie movie off of On-Demand - P.S. I love you. I had wanted to see this movie for a while but Brent wouldn't go see it with me and everything we go rent a movie he vetoes my choice. So, I watched it, and Brent did too sort of while playing with his lap top. I loved it, it was so sweet and so sad at the same time. Brent never understands how I can cry so much and want to keep watching something that is obviously making me upset. Oh well, he doesn't get it.
Sunday - I went grocery shopping in the AM then we cleaned a little more and watched the Breakfast Club which Brent had never watched the whole way through. WHAT??? I couldn't believe it either, and I totally annoyed Brent because I literally know every word to that movie, since that is my #2 movie - behind Pretty in Pink another Hughes classic. I put a pot roast in the cooker and we had people over for dinner and some Wii Fit action.

Main issue yesterday was Charlie. He was sick and throwing up all day. We took him to Em Vet around 8:00 last night, they gave him some shots for fluid and sent him home. Brent slept on the couch with him all night. I woke up at 4am to check on them, all 3 of them were on the couch, my boys I felt so bad for Charlie. This morning he looked so sad and tired. Brent's taking him to the vet today, he has held down some water which is a good sign.


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