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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh the JOY of military life!

So Brent is leaving for IFF next month. He is to report there on 8/11. He was suppose to go to Randolph AFB in TX. He has arranged a place to live where he can take Charlie and everything is set. Well that is until about an hour ago. They are changing his station for IFF, apparently there is a issue with being at a base for 6 months, even if its not a full continual 6 months and not "moving" there. So now he's going to Columbus, MS. Which is a lot closer, but problem is he doesn't have a place to stay yet that would allow his dog. He was going to stay at a "Pit" house in TX, and we don't even know if they offer those in Columbus.

Please dear god, let him find a place to stay were he can take his dog. I love Charlie, but I rather Brent have him then me take care of them both.


Unknown said...

Oh the joys of the military life. "what yours is mine, whats mine is yours" hee hee....

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