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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ouch! That's gonna hurt...

So I got into a little fender bender on my way to work this morning. I suppose I didn't stop fast enough, or maybe its my cute black patent leather espadrilles that did me in. Either way, I hit the car in front of me. No damage to my Liberty but a dent into the woman's KIA. Luckily no tickets were filed. The state trooper was very nice. You see I still have an Indiana license, no name change yet and I also didn't have my newest insurance card. I had one that had expired. (Jan 08) The other woman had expired tags (May 08) and no up to date insurance card either.

So we both got away without too much hassle, except the fact that Brent doesn't know yet. My cell is totally dead and I forgot my charger at the house and he's at another base today getting qualified to manage PT tests. I called him and left him a message. Hope my insurance doesn't go up too much. It just went out because we got married.


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