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Friday, July 11, 2008

Movie Review

So if you know me, you know I love movies. Love movies....

But since we were pre-occupied for the past couple of weeks, getting married and going on a honeymoon, then Brent going on a cross country, well needless to say I haven't been able to see all the movies I've wanted to see... which thankfully haven't been too many.

Therefore I have 2 brief movie reviews for you.

1. The Happening - Brent and I saw 2 weekends ago

First of all I love M. Knight, I love his work and I think he's an excellent story teller. I know everyone loves the Sixth Sense, that's a given and people we're 50/50 on the Village and so of his more recent movies.

Well I went into the movie theater with some high expectations, and when that happens, I'm generally let down. And this unfortunately was no different. The concept is good, I'll give him that. It was gorey in some points, which I could do without, but in certain times the blood was necessary to depict the events taking place. But I was waiting for the "twist" that he's known for. Problem is, I totally guessed the "twist" 30 minutes into the movie and kept waiting for something else "cool" to happen. And it didn't HAPPEN.

But the moral of the movie is..... we're destroying the planet people, clean up your act, or your house plant is going to make you kill yourself.

2. WANTED - OK I wanted to see this movie so badly. I had heard nothing bad wonderful things. I again went it with HIGH expectations - and this time I wasn't let down. I freaking loved, loved, loved it. First off, I love Angie and in my eyes she does no wrong. She did look a little skinny in the movie and she's still smoking hot.

The action scenes where incredible and things you have never seen before in any other action movie.

I'll admit I'm a girl that loves guy movies - action, horror, gang, murder, I love I can't help it.

So the excitement is beginning for BATMAN - The DARK KNIGHT I can't wait. It's suppose to be awesome and from the previews it looks it so far. 6 days till opening.... I think I'm going to talk Brent into going ahead and buying tickets.

One good thing about living in P'cola vs. Indy, you can get movie tickets. In Indy everything sells out WAY in advance.


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