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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Project Runway

So last night's episode wasn't that great. Wow, you're going to make a cocktail dress out of "green" fabrics. Wow you don't get to the pick the fabric, your model does. And 3 of you are all going to have to work with the same ugly brown silk.

First question - don't models, who job it is to wear clothes well, know what fabrics are difficult to wear - well I guess not.

Second - Why is Korto still there, her dress was straight up fugly (yes, that's a made up word but you know what it means). I mean just look at it. She looks like its suppose to be a Halloween costume and she's a caveman girlfriend. What is that thing around her neck? She said that she wanted to accentuate her Latina curves, well she made her ( a skinny model) look like a cow.
Winner - I liked it, and Suede (who speaks constantly in 3rd person) has some skills. I'm looking forward to what he was in the future.
My fav - again by the same designer of my fav last week. I love her "personal" style - 40's pin up, and I love her design style as well, clean and chic. I love the collar and the addition of the belt - FABulous.
Loser - I didn't want to see him go. I loved his style, and he had spent time at Marc Jacobs, I was interested in seeing what he had to offer.


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