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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Teen Dramas - another addiction of mine

So I love television, I'll admit it. Its a vice of mine, always has been and always will be. I love television, there I have said it. And since we have a DVR I can record 2 shows at once and do something completely different, like water the yard as I did last night. (yes, I did water the yard. We've lived at are house for about 1 year now and I've watered the yard less than 10x. I know I'm bad and make Brent do it.)

Anyway, I started watching Secret Life of an American Teenager, first and foremost because my 80s role model, Molly"john hughes" Ringwald was in it. Molly is not the best actress in this show, and its weird seeing her play at late 30s or early 40s mother of 2 teen girls. Back to the point, the show is pretty good, granted its demo is slightly younger than me but since pretty decent lil show. And I can't help but think this show is directly related to Jamie Lynn Spears and her recent unplanned, 16 year old, pregnancy.

I know I'm going to sound totally old here, which I'm not by the way, but I can honestly not believe kids today and the things they do. I work in an office, where I am one of the only people that doesn't have kids. Granted the median age of everyone else in the office is 40 or so, but still the things I hear about their teenage daughters is totally shocking.

I'll admit I wasn't the best kid, I got into trouble. I drank, smoke, dated boys I wasn't suppose to, lied, etc. etc. But I knew not to get pregnant, I didn't want to drop out of school, I didn't want to hit my mother, I didn't want to hang out with people that carried guns, I wouldn't keep dating a guy that stole money from my parents, I wouldn't want to keep dating someone that threaten to kill me. What is this craziness? Honestly, I'm alittle scared to bring up kids when these are the horrible things I hear at my office with people's daughters.


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