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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Music got me feeling so free....

So Brent and I are the exact same age (I'm a month & 6 days older) but I graduated college a year before him (in 2002). We both went to Illinois universities - me Eastern IL and him Northern IL. And because of this, we both have an undying love from techno music. Yes its true, I love me some techno music every once and a while, and so do all of our college friends. Techno music takes us back in time to the frat raves, late nights, and the dance party usa we'd have at our apts at 3 am. So needless to say when the DJ busted out some techno from the college years, people started to get their groove on. But what really got the party jumping was the best $3 I ever spent at the Dollar Tree, 15pk of glow sticks. I busted those babies out and it was pure chaos, you thought a rave was actually going down on the dance floor. It was awesome.


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