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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Geasles... did you say Measles... no I said Geasles

That's only a snippet of the conversation Brent & I this afternoon. And yes, he has geasles and no I had no idea what they were either before he explained.
So first off, he passed the centrifuge testing. But he did throw up after it was complete, which I guess is ok to do.

But he did get geasles. Geasles are broken blood vessels that are caused when you exceed 8 or 9Gs. In simple terms, he has broken bloods all over his arms because his body was feeling pressure of 8 to 9 times his body weight. The blood rushed into his arms and legs so quickly that the blood vessels burst.
Poor guy is going to be hurting later tonight and tomorrow. He said he felt like a refrigerator was dropped on him.

This guy is experience 1G.

Now 9Gs. Can you see a difference. Looks fun, huh? No probably not.

* pic is not of Brent.


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