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Friday, July 11, 2008

We got "ordered"

So Brent got his orders this week, twice technically. He orders on Monday, July 7th saying that he needed to be in San Antonio on Monday, July 14th for IFF. Problem is, he didn't get his orders to go to the Centrifuge (which he had to complete before going to IFF). So we were worried that they would randomly find orders for him on Tuesday and have him fly out to CA or NM that day, be back in FL on Friday and then have to drive to TX on Sunday.

Well, luckily they never made his orders for the centrifuge and had to cancel his IFF orders as well. But now we have his "new and improved" orders.

July 15 - Centrifuge
August 11 - IFF
Oct 27 - EWO
March 29 - we're to check into NC for his 15 training

Unfortunately, EWO is 4 months long and with the holidays, we won't be done until March.

Me and the "boys" are going to miss him.


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