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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is it weird...

That I'm totally stalking houses for sale in and around Goldsboro, NC and we aren't moving for about 9 months. I'm in love with the houses there, but it looks like, based upon what Brent has budgeted us for our first home, we can only afford a 3 bed/2bath. We rent a 4/2 right now. But either way, I'm so excited to buy a house and decorate...

I'm totally stalking pottery barn too. I need a damask chair, but Brent HATES them. Yes hate is a strong word, but it was his not mine. I also want a formal dinning room and paint it green, yes green, not hunter green. Brent thinks I'm crazy planning out the decor of a house we don't yet have, but oh well. I need something to fantasize about right, now that the wedding is over.
And this I registered for, I can buy it within a year of the wedding at get 10% off. Yeah!!


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