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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Story

I ran across a wonderful site during my reading of the wedding blog http://with--this--ring.blogspot.com/. Its a great blog, and I read it atleast once a week. I got the idea of a courtship story from Darci's site. I got connected with Ellen and am so happy we did.

We always like to think we have a great story and it appears that we do. Ellen was great to work with and I love having our story written down in black and white.

We got 75 books made (her minimum order). Since I thought this was such a personal item, I didn't want to give it out at the wedding. I chose to put them at each place setting at the rehearsal dinner. Everyone loved them. It was actually quite funny, I walked into the banquet room a little after everyone else had and started getting the gifts ready to give to everyone. No joke, the room was complete silence. Everyone was deep into reading the story of us. Even the hubby's guy friends thought it was awesome, now that's saying something.

Feel free to take a look. Ellen's site is http://www.courtship-stories.com/
Our Book is posted in her reading room: http://www.courtship-stories.com/samples/heather_brent.html


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