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Friday, July 11, 2008

Everybody's working for the weekend...

Today is Friday and thank god. Ever since the wedding, my weeks have went by so slowly and I can't wait till Friday afternoon to get here. Which never seems soon enough. When I was a "Ms." the days flew by too quickly. I wanted them to go slowly and give me more time to prepare, plan, and daydream about the glorious wedding that was waiting for me.

But now.... the wedding is a memory, a good one, but still a memory. And while I have my proofs to keep me company I'm still awaiting the DVDs of the day. So as sad and pathetic as this sounds.... I'm alittle depressed that I'm married and not planning my wedding anymore.

So I obviously need some projects to keep me happy, pre-occupied, and moving.... so the blog is something to do just that.

In addition to the blog:

1. Yard Sale the end of the month (hopefully) - getting rid of all the stuff in our house that we don't need since we got brand new stuff from the wedding. (yeah getting rid of my MS dishes from 2000)
2. Looking toward the move in March 2009 to North Carolina. Begin the planning process and house shopping from a far.
3. Begin scrapbooking - we'll see how this goes. But I have all the crafting stuff from the wedding that needs to be put to go use.

We'll see how it goes....


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