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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Meet the Jetplanes

The Jetplanes are just a couple of newlyweds in their late 20's, embarking on a military life. Both living in Indianapolis after college, they met in 2004 via a lil online dating site you may have heard of, Match.com and became in engaged in July 2007. They were happily marriage in their home state of Illinois on June 7th, 2008.

Mrs. Jetplane

She is a sassy, young career woman in her late 20's. A Midwest transplant who loves all things associated with cheesy reality television, celebrity gossip, online shopping, pugs, fresh flowers, decorating, live music, shoes, travel, movies, and of course Mr. Jetplane.

She has a Business Marketing degree, but currently does nothing related to her major. She is addicted to Sugar Free Red Bull, can never get enough Banana Republic, adores all things Sookie Stackhouse related, and can't stand eggs.

She hopes to become a better cook, thriftier shopper, and a good mother to her 2 doggies (and babies someday in the future).

Mr. Jetplane

He is sarcastic, energetic officer in the United States Air Force. He also is from Illinois and had a previous life of a bank manager prior to joining the USAF in 2007. He is a Navigator for the F15 Strike Eagle.

Mr. Jetplane loves running, swimming, biking, boating, beach volleyball, superhero movies, traveling, cartoons, reading, movies, and hanging out with friends. He's extremely active and can't sit still in one place for too long.

He loves Mrs. Jetplane, Milo, and the Jetplanes more recent addition Charlie, an American Bulldog.


A spunky lil 6 year old pug who loves to sleep, watch television, pineapple, the beach, his mama and daddy, and to pee on every single tree in the neighborhood. He is also allergic to living in Florida.


A big, lovable 2 year old American Bulldog. He's all bark and no bite. He adores his daddy, the beach, his KONG, peanut butter, carrots, sunbathing in the back yard, watching squirrels, and getting to sleep on the couch.
Come Aboard and Enjoy This Crazy Ride.... We Like to Call our LIFE!


brit said...

Found your blog by stumbling around my usual blogs. Looking forward to following your journey! My FI is a pilot as well (not in the armed services), so I'm glad to find another pilot wife!

Twincerely,Olga said...

I just wanted to say hi.I found your blog of krizzydesigns! I love the design.Please stop by my blog.I am having a free givaway.Oh and did I tell you I am new to all of this

K. Kiran Graves said...

found your blog reading a post from accordingtonina... I look forward to following your blog...

Amber said...

Just found your blog while checking out some other mil spouse blogs. Fellow Midwest girl here! Look forward to following!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

What an adorable little family you have!! I'm loving your blog, and looking forward to following you in the future! :)

Anonymous said...

Just started following your blog/Twitter. I too love Sookie, have a Business degree, love shopping, pop culture, and reality tv.
AF wife going through the 'd' as well.
Hope you follow back! http://sairforcespouse.com
And my twitter that's following you now is milLiferocks

Sara said...

I just started following your blog. I also am an air force wife and met my husband on eharmony. My husband just started flight school so I enjoy looking at your blog to see what lyes ahead.

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