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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mr. Postman....

Please let my DVD with all my pictures be at my house when I get home from work. I want and need them. So as some know, I am from a SMALL town in Southern Illinois, and obviously for my wedding good vendors were hard to find. Photography was important to me, however my #1 choice was taken even 10 months before my wedding, I was crushed. I took a look at a lot of photographers in the area, none of them I fell in love with. But I decided upon one that was good in price, had taken pictures at my church, and came recommended to me by friends that had used her at their weddings.

Well, while very nice, she is a "traditional" photographer. When I sat down to meet with her again for our final consultation before the wedding I gave her a packet of over 200 images that I had collected, I gave them to her 4 per page and full color. She was shocked that I had put so much effort into it, well she shouldn't have been, sister knew what she wanted.

My photographer said that this was the type of photography she prefers to do, but "people around these parts" don't want it. Well, I DO and PLEASE give it to me.
Needless to say I was worried. Overall, I think she did an OK job. Some things I wish she would have gotten more pictures of. I let her know that I've put a TON of work into all the DETAILS of the wedding and please focus on those. She did, but not as much as I would have liked.

I also question some of the angles she chose for pictures but hey, what can you do now. I hope to be able to post some pics soon.


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