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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Mail for Heroes

Hello all, during this time of year we get to spend time with our family and friends and it reminds us all to be thankful for all that we have. But let us never forget the men and women that are fighting for us all by land, air, and sea.

I received an email earlier today regarding the Holiday Mail for Heroes campaign created by Pitney Bowes and the Red Cross. They hope to send 1 million cards to American soldiers by tomorrow, December 10.

Below is a link to the program's Flickr account which has pics of the cards.


Official Holiday Mail Sitehttp://www.redcross.org/holidaymail


Muffy said...

What a GREAT campaign!!!!! Thank you for this post!!!

JD said...

This is great.

Also, Mrs. Jetplane, you might be interested in checking out:


A couple of my friends started this nonprofit as a way for for "everyday Americans to grant some of our soldier’s wishes this holiday season."

Dugout Daisy said...

Thanks for sharing... I always think of our soldiers and this is a great way for them to know that.


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