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Monday, December 15, 2008

Missing Mr. Jetplane & TX Help Needed

This weekend I had my holiday party for work. Since the Mr. is in Texas, I flew solo. It was sad, not only because I missed him. But he loves the food at the place we had it at and with him being MIA lil Mrs. Jetplane couldn't enjoy the Pinot Gringo too much. Since I had to drive myself home I couldn't have too much fun.

But I get to see my husband no later than the 22nd. I may get to leave for Texas on Saturday, but we'll see how this week at the j-o-b goes.

I can't wait to have a week with the Mr. I know that I do have some readers in and around the San Antonio/Austin area, any suggestions on stuff to do, places to see, and some good eats? The Mr. will have just had surgery so I don't know how much we'll get out, but I know with his hatred for being in the house all day, we will be getting out and about.

Don't know why, but I find this picture really sexy.... I fell in love with his uniform that day. I think that night I developed a "thing" for suspenders... Watch out Larry King... ugh.. I was totally joking about Larry King...
This picture was taken during our interview for the wedding video. Weird as it may sound, this is one of my favorite pictures from the day.


d.a.r. said...

Aw, this time of the year is hard solo! Hang in there, hope you see him soon!

Lulu said...

That kissing photo is the best I have EVER seen!!!! So precious.

You can do it, girl! We're all here to support you. You'll see the Mr. in no time!

*Kimmie* said...

I grew up in Austin! So if you find your way to Austin, I can def recommend the best cupcakes, mexican food, etc in Austin! Feel free to email me if you need anything!

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

I miss Texas sooo much! I went to school in San Marcos.

I suggest the San Marcos outlet mall. I-35, exit 200. (I didn't even have to look that up- sad huh?) It has awesome stores! Black House/White Market, Kate Spade, Coach, Gap, J Crew, I am drooling now.

La Cantera mall is great as well, and is in San Antonio.

Check out Pappasitos for mexican food.

Have fun for me!

Jennifer said...

I'm in Austin, so if you're going to make it up this way, I can recommend lots of things to do and places to eat!

I don't know too much San Antonio but The Tower of the Americas is great to see the city (especially this time of year at night with all the lights)! And also the Christmas lights on the Riverwalk are beautiful!

Ashley said...

For some reason your posts weren't coming through on my blog reader and I just got a whole week's worth of posts at once so I've been doing some catching up! Your house looks gorgeous all decorated for Christmas... but it appears you won't be there to celebrate now that you are headed to Texas. I'm glad you'll be reunited for Christmas - even though the Mr. has to have surgery. At least you'll all be together!! I've been to San Antonio before and the Riverwalk was just amazing! Beautiful scenery and restaurants lining the little canal. I'm not sure if the Mr. will feel up to it... but if so it is a 'must' in San Antonio.

Sweet Simplicity said...

He has a great profile! My husband has had two ACL surgeries on both of his knees. Poor guys! He will definitely appreciate having you around to take care of him.

Muffy said...

HAHAHA! "Watch out Larry King!"

Sarah said...

Being a cosmetic nurse I would have to sey "very asthetically appealing nose" He would never need surgery

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