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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lil Jetplane Family Reunion

As I said earlier last week was the first time our whole family was back together since October. No the Jetplanes don't have what you like to refer to as "kids" we have 2 dogs. And by family, I mean all 4 of us, dogs included, were back together.

I know I talk about Milo all the time, that's because he's my baby and I had him before the Mr. and I ever met. But we do have another dog, Charlie. Charlie is an American Bulldog. He's 1 1/2 years old. I never wanted a "big" dog, Mr. Jetplane always wanted a "big" dog, an American Bulldog to be particular. So what did he do, he found a puppy for sale the weekend after asking me to marry him.

What was a girl to do???

Here his Charlie and his favorite person in the world, Mr. Jetplane. He loves his daddy so much.

You see, even though he's a "big dog" he desperately wants to be a small dog. Here he is, trying to fit his big ol booty into Milo's lil bed.

Here's Charlie... so excited about his Christmas bone.

Here's the Jetplanes' make shift Christmas set up in Texas. I brought our stockings and my lil tree decorated with lime green ornaments.


Gwen said...

Oh my goodness. The photo of Charlie in Milo's bed is adorable!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful family Christmas. I really hope the Mr. is feeling back to 100%.

Olde Town Style Guide said...

Hahaha!! How can someone not smile when they see Charlie in that little bed!

Sara said...

I have a little pomeranian, Jagger, and my husband wants a dog that "is big enough to look like he'll eat Jags". He wants an American Bulldog. I'm not totally thrilled about the big dog thing either but we'll see. They are such amazingly smart and athletic dogs! I love the picture of charlie in the tiny bed!

KLC said...

awww love him!! My best friend has an American Bulldog named Beau. He is HUGE!! But as gentle as a baby. He is so well trained which is good because being that big he could cause some major damage!

Unknown said...


KatieSaysSo said...

Charlie is adorable!!!! What a sweet dog!!!!

*Kimmie* said...

What a BEAUTIFUL dog!

Kate said...

That second photo is hilarious!

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