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Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Taste of Home

First off, my camera totally stopped working while I was home so I have NO pictures. (tear..tear..)

That being said, let me tell you about a little drama I experienced while at home. First let me back up a little and give you some background on the Mr. The Mr. is the type of guy, at your first impression, you love or you hate. Sorry babe, but you know it.

He is very carismatic (when he wants to be), very talkative, life of the party, great sense of humor, and ridiculous sarcastic. Sometimes, people that don't have a good sense of humor, take him the wrong way. He means well, but at times he does take it too far. But that all being said, he is a great guy, with a great personality, and doesn't know a stranger. He'll talk to anybody, and does which is awkward sometimes.

Ok, so let me set the stage, we all go out to a local town bar, aka hole in the wall, to meet up with some friends from high school that I haven't seen in some time. One couple has been dating for a couple of years, they live together and own a business together. He is a couple years older than me, and she is a couple years younger. The Mr. and this "girl" actually grew up in the same hometown, after some conversation turns out that he knows some of her relatives.

Mr. is sitting next to me and our table and said "girl" is at the table next to us. I'm busy chatting away with a friend from H.S. that I haven't seen in years, and not paying attention to him. He sits there and talks to her for maybe 10 minutes. He gets up and goes to play pool with my brother. Said girl and his boyfriend (whom I've been "friends" with over 10 years) get up to leave, but before they do they invite us over to their house if we want. Mr and I decide that we've had more than enough to drink and head home. 2 days later, I'm hangin out with the Dr. A (my best friend from home, MOH, and a dentist). She proceeds to tell me that she went to the couple's house after we left the bar. The guy comes up to here and is pissed off, saying that he can't believe how Mr. was flirting with his girl. He then asks the "girl" to come out and agree with him, which she does. She said that Mr. made her feel really uncomfortable, and that they could see that I was pissed too by the looks that I was giving the Mr. and them.

Excuse me... Don't drag me and my husband into your stupid lil drama. #1. He wasn't flirting with you, don't flatter yourself. He thought you were my friend and he could "talk" to you.

#2. If you're gonna say something like that to my freaking MOH, you better expect that sh!t to get back to me. I be ready to explain your lies.

#3. I did not get look at any of them with knowing glances. You both are liars, and I have loss all respect for both of you.

We went to my freaking wedding, you know that my husband and I have been apart for sometime and are just know getting to see each other. What is your freaking problem. Dr. A says they both get really jealous all the time, well that's fine, but don't you DARE drag me and the Mr. into your H.S. bullsh!t.

Rant over....


Sarah said...

O wow crazy drama how annoying.... some people just never grow up

Olde Town Style Guide said...

OH NO....she didn't!!! Clearly they are the ones with relationship issues...

Gwen said...

What a b!tch!!! Too bad you've already left because she should be slapped. Yep ~ she's just jealous of you and your awesome relationship. Don't let it get you down or ruin your memories of your trip. We'll all stick up for you. :)

Lulu said...

You know she secretly *wishes* it was true, since she's so probably miserable in her relationship... I've seen it a lot. Doesn't it make you SO happy to be away from the whole high school scene, and living your own fabulous little newlywed life?

Unknown said...

What?! Crazy b*tch!

Sorry you had some drama back home. Hope you had a wondeful time with Mr & your mom though!

When are you heading this way??

Ashley said...

They probably have their own trust/jealousy issues they need to work on before prying into your relationship. Some people never do grow out of all that high school crap. Don't let it bother you! Everyone else knows it isn't true.

Dugout Daisy said...

I agree with Lulu... some people wish they would get attention, any attention at that, and they blow it all out of proportion just to make themselves seem more important and set themselves apart from everyone else. They were just wishing you gave them that kind of attention... psshhh. So childish! They most likely do that with other people and in other situations.
You and the Mr. are above them... don't sweat it. :)

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