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Monday, February 2, 2009

How does one look cute in 20 degrees?

This is the question I am asking myself while planning my trip to Chicago this weekend? For the Bachelorette Party Saturday night, I want to look hot even though I'm going to be freezing my bootie off.

Now I did go to college in the Midwest and would wear my black mini, back-less shirts, and knee high black boots in the snow, who didn't??? But I'm much more mature now. So I want to wear my cute backless BCBG dress (still rocking the backless, suppose so). I never like to take expensive coats to clubs, I have a fear of it getting stolen, so I thought maybe just a cheap pashmina from Target would be ok? I can wear tights too, like that really going to make a difference...

HELP ME, I know I have Chicago readers out there. My blood is thinned out living down here and I need help. My friend Lou (who's party it is) has been living in the South as well for a couple of years, and we're both freaking out about what to wear...


Suburban prep said...

You're in luck this weekend we are supposedly going to be about 40 if not higher.
One thing I might suggest is to wear boots if you have them. The reason is because with the "warmer" temps the mounds of snow that are in and around Chicagoland will be melting (ok at a slow pace but still). You need some bit of you not to get too cold.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love Chicago! Have fun!

Running In Stilettos said...

Those of us that have had snow storms recently are thinking 40degree weather is warm...almost spring like. You however, will think it is finger and toe numbing cold! Go for the backless b/c it will be warm wherever you go, but bring a jacket. Get a cheap one from Target or something but don't rely only on a pashmina (silly)!

And definitely heed the boot advice! I wore stiletto open-toe shoes the other day, stepped on ice, flew into a snowpile and my shoe came off and became lodged in the snow leaving my entire foot and leg completely wet...wear boots!!!

Brittany said...

Ditto on the boots, you'll need them! I think you have it down, you'll be cold in the pashmina but I can't stand carrying around jackets either. Take plenty of cash for cabs!

Seaside Prep said...

In agreement with everyone about the boots. A must.

If it's on the dressier side, maybe a fun sweater dress with leggings and boots? If it's more casual, a cute sweater, belt, jeans and boots? Make sure to take a coat and scarf!! have fun!

Kelli said...

You should totally wear tights with boots to stay warm! I just bought some new black tights that are SO SOFT and kept me warmer than I thought they would. Anything helps, right?

Have fun! :)

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Mrs. Jetplane,
My John is from Chicago, and he says that a tight fitting sweater, preferrably ivory colored, always did the trick for him.

He also said please send pictures to introuble, care of bumpkinonaswing@aol.com

This of course was before he met the Bumpkin!

The Bumpkin

Piper Jacquelyn said...

It's all about the layers. Because after you walk 40mph to get out of the cold you find yourself inside a hot restaurant {or house, bar, whatever} where you immediately start to sweat because of said layers. Then the stripping of scarves & sweaters begins. Ha! It is getting nicer here though, so you shouldn't freeze too badly! Have fun!

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