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Friday, February 27, 2009

Pug of the Week 2

Welcome! Welcome! All you lovely puggie lovers out there.
Today is the 2nd Friday of Pugapalooza and I'm happy to announce the 2nd finalist.
Last week sweet and very proper Ms. Chief became a finalist and we got to see how cute lil puggie puppies truly are. And while I love pug puppies, lil gray bearded puggies are just as adorable.

And today I'm happy to announce the 2nd finalist is this big hunk of loving Paulie. Paulie is the foster pug of Sarah from On the Rhoads of Life. How adorable is that face. The expressions pugs can give you are precious. And he even dressed up for the picture, does it get any better???

So be sure to congratulate Paulie and Ms. Sarah for becoming the 2nd finalist in Pugapalooza. And Sarah please email me your mailing address, Paulie will get a lil something special from Milo and I.

Keep entering folks.... contest is still open.

Happy Friday to all....


Sara said...

Oh how sweet

d.a.r. said...

So sweet, aww!!

hmb said...

I must tell my friend Lauren about your page! She thinks the sun rises and shines on all things pug. She had three!

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Oh, I love the little grey chin!

And I really must get serious about submitting my entry for this. I will try mightily to remember & send you something this weekend. Gah!

Unknown said...

YAY- you know I love this guy! I will let Mr. Paulie know - he will be excited! Thanks for picking our sweet little guy!

Chic Runner said...

Congrats to Paulie! :) How fun.

Kelli said...

How cute is that face!!! I love his green outfit :)

rebecca said...

Oh, how cute! I love his polo shirt!

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