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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mrs. Jetplane has landed back in Florida

Ok ladies (and a few gentlemen) I am back home in lovely Florida.

I am tired, sored, sick, sad, and really happy I made the trek up to Chicago this weekend. It was great getting to see everyone, and can't wait till next month for the wedding.

Since I am all of the adjectives I listed above, I'm going keep this short and sweet.

Here are a couple of statements about this weekend.

1. I adored Baby C. She is precious. She makes the cutest faces and I couldn't stop smelling and kissing her lil head. I look forward to Mr. Jetplane and I making a little bambino of our own, but don't get your hopes up. Being around a baby, is actually excellent birth control for me. I'm so not ready for all that.

2. Chicago was amazingly warm.

3. I got my cards read, very interesting. She told me I'm not having kids for a while, and it looks like we may have some difficulty getting pregnant. I've kinda always assumed that anyway.

4. I drank way too much, and so sick this morning. It wasn't pretty, and neither was I all day today. I worn yoga pants, the Mr.'s AF shirt, and a hoodie. AKA - what I slept in last night.

5. I slept on an air mattress that was about 75% deflated, with a throw pillow and a sleeping bag.

6. I have a huge bruise on my ass and I didn't fall.

7. My nose is bleeding, its so freaking dry up there.

8. We got into a bar fight, yes you read that right a bar fight.

9. I have now seen a penis ice sculpture.

10. I adore pot stickers from Trader Joe's.

11. I also have a new pink champagne that I love.

12. I remember why I swore off all shots after graduating college.

13. I threw up in an extremely nice bathroom that had a sauna, no I didn't throw up in the sauna.

14. Yesterday was the Jetplanes' 8 month anniversary.

15. Mr. Jetplane can't come home this weekend :(

16. I miss my friends :(

17. Milo and I had McDonalds for dinner, and we're going to bed early. He had an exciting weekend playing with a lil rat terrier. He's snoring as I type.

18. Ok I totally need to understand was is going on with Chris Brown.

19. Finally, I fit everything into 1 carry on and my big yellow Jcrew bag. That included baby gifts and bach gifts. The wedding shower gift was mailed to her, since she lives in ATL.


jlc said...

Welcome home!!! Warm?! *gasp* I'm shocked!!!

Awwww Chris Brown used to live in my town for a year!! I heart him even sang one of his songs on youtube. Haha. :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

You have to share the name of the pink champagne that you discovered! Glad you had fun in Chicago!

Megan said...

Yes, I want to know more about the Pink Champagne as well!

Sara said...

That is quite a weekend! Hope you're 100% for the workday tomorrow! Mark and I may be in Pensacola in March. The schedule seems to fit it really well. It'd be great to meet you if you aren't otherwise occupied.

Sara said...

P.S. you may need to elaborate on a few of those later. Like the bar fight.

rebecca said...

Lol, wow, busy lady! Sounds like a BLAST, minus the yucko hangover! That was so fun to read. :)

rebecca said...

Oh, yeah, I agree with Sara. Bar fight story please.

AmberW said...

Welcome home!
Oh the stories that must come along with that point form description of your trip!!!
Glad you had fun :)

caknitter said...

Glad you had fun and are home safe and sound. I always enjoy reading your blog.
Soooo, can you elaborate on the bar fight? :-\

Muffy said...

HAHA!!!! What a recap!!!!

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