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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Now Seating for Pity Party of One

First things first, THANK YOU all so much for all your kinds words and Birthday Wishes yesterday, it meant the world to me. You all are fabulous and I adore you...air kisses to you all.

Now I will provide a disclaimer: Mrs. Jetplane is not, I repeat, is not, HIGH MAINTENANCE and generally I set my expectations rather low so I won't be disappointed. But I was rather disappointed with my birthday this year, and I'll be honest, the last great birthday I had was turning 21.

Mr. Jetplane is not a romantic. He is not a planner. He is not mushy, sentimental, or emotional. I, on the other hand, am all of those, generally speaking.

My birthday started out ok. He sang happy birthday to me in the morning and brought me chocolate milk and my morning vitamins and met me for lunch. He had to drop Charlie off at the vet (more to come on that). We had a nice lunch and I dropped hints about flowers and a card.

**Now let me say this... I am a card person. I believe you should always get a card and put something meaningful in it, especially on birthdays and anniversaries. You tell the person how you feel about them and how much they mean to you. I want (nor almost demand) a card for special occasions and I want him to write something meaningful in it. This is a non-negotiable point.

4:30 rolls around and he calls to tell me that we're not going to be able to pick up Charlie until 6:30 and she notices that he has fluid in his lungs and a slightly enlarged heart. Okay, so I go into total freak out mode and start researching what all of this means to our baby Charlie and I start losing my sh!t. Cancel dinner, I'm not interested, I just want to get home and go pick up our big ol dog.

I get home and we decide that we'll just stop in at Applebees since its near the Vet. OMG, we used to go to this location all the time and hadn't been there in some time.

The service was horrible and our food was totally inedible. I looked like it sat under a hot lamp for 10 minutes, which would make sense since everyone around us got their food first.

She came back to the table to ask how it was I just simply asked "Well look at it! You tell me." "Oh sorry we have a new heat lamp." I kindly remarked... My meat is not chewable and is cold, the vegetables are steamy hot and not even what I ordered and all I can eat is the baked potato. His rice is literally brown and the chicken is stuck to the plate. We can't eat this and we're late and don't have time to wait another 25 minutes for our food." Manager came and covered our ticket and apologize. Oh well Applesbees... I'll take my business elsewhere...

Moving on down the road of birthday fun... Get to the vet. Charlie does have a slightly enlarged heart on the right side. He doesn't have a murmur and has no other symptoms associated with enlarged hearts. A normal heart for a dog his size is something like 10.2 and he is 10.7. Also he has fluid in his lungs. We are going to work on the fluid issue for the next 2 weeks and then see about the heart.

What led to all of this... Well around 2am - 5am he sometimes sounds like he is going to throw up so we rush him outside and he'll spit up some water. This used to happen maybe once everyone 3-4 months. Its happened almost everyday for the past 2 weeks. Then yesterday morning he didn't want to eat his food. OKAY... something wrong.. to the vet you go.

So our big baby was all drugged up when we picked him up at the vet and just looked so sad. We let him lay on the couch, generally a no no, but when he's sick all rules are made to be broken.

So back to the BDAY - ummm my hubby got me NO CARD and NO FLOWERS. He said that he didn't have time to do it with Charlie's issues. But between the time he dropped Charlie off at noon until we picked him up at 6:30 he had time to

1. Take a nap
2. Sweep the floors
3. Go swim laps
4. And hang out with the neighbor rebuilding his motorcycle
5. Shower
6. Get dressed
7. And hang out with the neighbor rebuilding his motorcycle

Yeah!!! I'm pissed.

1. He knows my deal with cards, he felt that rath several years ago
2. He always gets me flowers

He then told me that he has all these things planned for this weekend since its our anniversary and this weekend was like a co-event. (Guess I was just suppose to assume that, since you didn't say anything, and led me to believe that you had something planned for my bday.)


So we'll see how this weekend is, because right now, Mr. Jetplane is treading on some thin ice with me.

But THANK YOU for dealing with my bitter, sad lil tweets last night. Much love to you all.. XOXO


Lindsey said...

I had one of those this year! My birthday is at the end of August and in July I asked for a dresser. Not an expensive one but one that I can finally move my stuff out of the plastic tubs I was living out of since college so I can feel like a big, married girl. Practical aren't i? My husband did not tell me happy birthday until 7:00 PM that evening. I am a card girl also. I asked if he even got me a card. "Oh Yeah!" he says jumping out of bed. He goes out to his truck. I stick my head out of the window and watch him take it out of the bag and fill it out in his truck before coming inside and giving it to me. Thanks, I am so glad you put so much thought into my birthday. As for the dresser I asked for? I went and ordered it in April (8 1/2 months later) of this year and went and picked it up as well with his truck. Needless to say, his birthday in March was sh!tty.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry your birthday didn't turn out quite the way you envisioned it! And I know exactly what you mean about the card...

Unknown said...

welcome to birthdays now that your married...;)

PinkSass said...

I am the same way about a card. A card is so important! I bet he makes up for it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend isn't into celebrating anything! Early on, it bothered me, but as time passed I realized that I just had to adjust our expectations. I have lowered them SEVERELY, but still always end up disappointed. My last BD he showered me with giftcards, which don't get me wrong, was fun to spend, but it didn't take a lot of thought or preparation on his part. And, I didn't even get a card. He thinks that since he fills in his and my name on the gift cards it counts...um, no! He does get better every year though, so by the time I'm 50 he might come around.

d.a.r. said...

Oh I would be so ticked off at that. I am so sorry you had such a rotten day :(

A.D. said...

Oh no! I'm exactly the same way. I'm not high maintenance, but I do require a certain amount of fuss on my birthday. Combining birthdays with other events doesn't fly with me. My birthday is a week before Valentine's Day, and I have made it clear that they are two separate occasions that WILL be celebrated individually! Hopefully, he'll make up for it this weekend, but I would definitely give him some grief over not even getting a card!!!
Also, so sorry about Charlie not feeling well! When any of my pets are sick, I can barely function! Hope they find out whats wrong and he gets better soon!

P.S. Don't google whats wrong with him on the internet. I did that after our last vet visit and totally freaked myself out!!!

Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with you on this one. My husband refuses to get my flowers because his Dad brought home the same type of bouquet for every event and now his parents are divorced....I really don't care I just want them every once in a while.
I have also discovered that if I tell him that I don't anticipate him doing anything for me that he usually does his best to prove me wrong...it helps.

Hopefully this weekend will turn out to be 10 times better for you and the hubby will be out of the penalty box.

Stereos and Souffles said...

Cards are a must, we have that rule in our house!

Allison Hasel said...

I am so sorry about Charlie! I hope this all gets figured out asap and he is back to healthy. {I should mention that Charlie is the name I am hoping to use for our future puppy.}

As far as the birthday thing goes. I love birthdays! Love them! I search for months for the perfect present and card for him, etc. etc. I can't tell you what it is with guys and cards (at least some of them) but Nick has gotten me a card maybe twice in our five year relationship. Once he actually gave me the cards I'd given him back as a joke. HA. I didn't laugh. We exchanged cards the day before the wedding and he finally did get me a really nice, sentimental card. However, I'm not holding my breath for any other special days. I'm also a little worried about Christmas and our anniversary being so close together. I think that provides a lot of room for me to be disappointed!

Hope your next birthday is fabulous! My friend turned 30 a few years ago and she made sure her 30 was the best – she planned a trip to NYC! Maybe you should start looking into a trip!?

Chic Runner said...

Ha ha ha, I am the same way about cards and my mr. doesn't understand it either!!! He's like "We (referring to his family) are not card people." Well he better pull it together :) ha ha. Hope this weekend is better and I will keep charlie in my thoughts!

Casey (@ Chaos and Cardboard) said...

Ugh! You especially need a card with a day like that!

J.J. said...

OK...hugs first of all!!!!! I am so sorry about your fur person :( Hope to hear some positive updates soon!

After watching my Mom be disappointed in what my Dad did for her for Birthday's anniversaries etc...I realized that I did not want that for myself.

You have to just tell him exactly what you want....no dropping hints. When I talk to hubby about it...he says that guys rally don't think about things the same way that women do, so it is OK to tell him. Be specific...and direct. You may have to have this conversation more that once. They are not mind readers.

You need to tell him about being pissed about being put on the back burner. Today....not all crazy like...but in a "I don't know how this is going to come out and I love you...but I am pissed" way.
Another thing to keep in mind is that he may come from a family that doesn't do cards or make a big deal out of such things. Doesn't make what blowing off your B-Day right, but it lets you know honestly where he is coming from.

There are times where life will get in the way...it has here...and hubby has been in the field for my last 3 birthdays. But he always makes up for it.

Lis said...

Ugh... seriously I have been through this before and have made VERY similar points about what he WAS doing when he COULD have hit up Harris Teeter for a card and flowers.

I am also a card person and totally get what you mean.

I'm so sorry - I hate that anyone has to go through a bday like that! And I hope Charlie is doing better - poor baby! :(

Sarah said...

You make me feel so bad! See, I'm not a huge card person. My mom would do them for birthdays- but they weren't always a card card, they would sometimes just be tags on the gifts- and this was something I never saw a problem with until I started to date Crash. HE has gotten me a ton of cards compared to the ONE card I've ever gotten him. =/ I'm learning my lesson though!

Girl Meets Beau said...

Oh I hate when stuff like this happens. I try not to set my expectations too high, but either way it never seems to match up. And I am the same way with the whole card issue.

Sorry you had a not so good b-day! I'm sure the Mr. will make up for it this wkend...he better at least ;)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Poor thing. I hope your doggy gets better and your hubby gets you a card.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! I would have been upset as well. I'm all about the card as well.

I'm sorry your Charlie is sick!!!!!

Muffy said...

You poor thing. I read the tweets and wasn't sure what to say! HAHA! This weekend will be AWESOME! I am staying positive for you!!!!

(I'm really pissed he didn't get you a card though. That's NOT COOL.)

Gwen said...

Oh honey I'm sorry you had such a bad day. I am the same way with the cards. One year for Christmas Brian handed me 2 - $100 bills because he didn't have time get a card. Seriously...Christmas is the same day every year. I always give him cards for everything and then get so hurt when he doesn't do anything for me. That's what I get for letting myself hope for something. Oh well...maybe for our anniversary this year. LOL!!!

I'm sorry Charlie isn't feeling so hot. I'm keeping him in my prayers and please keep up updated.


Stephanie said...

Cards are a non-negotiable for me as well.

I say if this weekend isn't amazing x2 you boycott.

New Girl on Post said...

First of all I'm sorry about Charlie. I hope the vet can fix him up and he feels better ASAP.

About your birthday. I'm exactly like you. I EXPECT a card on occasions like V-Day, my birthday and our anniversary. Sean is horrible about doing stuff like that. He's not sentimental or a big gift giver. I actually had to buy one of my own Christmas gifts last year because he doesn't take the hint. I, on the other hand, get him cards and gifts just because. Our husbands sound very alike in that department, so you aren't alone on that!

I really hope that he makes it up to you this weekend.

J.L.S. said...

Been there and it sucks! The hubs (boyfriend at the time) didn't do anything for my 21st birthday... not one thing. No gift, no card, no flowers... nada. Twas not a good day in our relationship. I'm so sorry it happened... I really do understand how it feels. I hope he does some serious making up for it this weekend and that you are able to still enjoy your anniversary trip!

Ashley said...

My guess is that if he reads this he will be sure to make up for it this weekend. However, hopefully he'll read these comments, too, so that he can learn that even though combining a birthday and anniversary may be convenient - it may be less than desired. I hope you get a really sweet card for your anniversary and I hope Charlie is doing better.

USCEmily said...

I'm like you- a huge card person! If I don't get anything else, I want a card. So I totally understand why you are so bummed about this. Mr. Jetplane has some making up to do! I hope that after this weekend, he is back in your good graces after doing some fabulous for you! Can't wait to hear the updates!

Jackie said...

Happy belated birthday!! I'm sorry it didn't turn out like you'd hoped. Hopefully he will make up for it this weekend :)

And I hope your doggie gets better soon! Having sick pets is the worst!!

Running In Stilettos said...

I am such a card person and Mr. Marine is sooooo NOT a card person. He once told me he got a Valentine's Day card...when it never appeared I asked him what was going on. He said he left iton his desk..still no card. Finally, I called him on his lie and said, "you never bought a card and now you have waited too long and they are all out of the store by now, huh?"...yep...that was a fight that made him realize, I better get a damn card!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Charlie. Poor puppy! The Mr. better be laying it on thick this weekend! Sorry it was so disappointing. I hate when things like that happen.

Troy and Rachel said...

I feel you girl! I like your list of things your husband had time to do, but not get a card. I think I am going to come up with a similar list and send it to my husband when he tries to tell me he didn't have time to email me (since he is deployed). It's like...no time to email but you worked out for 2 hours and took a nap...right!!

Kristen said...

Sorry your day didn't go as planned. :(

Perfectly Imperfect said...

cards are my must have as well. the mister used to never get cards until i shut off the loving on numerous holidays/events that didn't yield cards. i get one now. =) i'm still working on getting more handwritten on the card than "i love you. hubs" time is needed i guess (or another lovin' boycott!!)

hope your dog gets to feeling better. but if it makes you feel better, medication for this kind of thing tends to do a pretty good job of controlling symptoms... i'll be thinking about ya'll..

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

You have every right to be mad. I HOPE he makes it up this weekend.

Lucky in Love said...

1st...I'm so sorry to hear about your puppy and I hope everything is okay with him!

2nd...I can totally relate with the whole birthday thing. My hubs said last week he had "surprises" planned so I was really excited because he does NOT plan. Then the day before my birthday he asks where I want to go for dinner? Um, don't you have this planned? Guess not.

Then...as we were going to dinner, I asked him about the surprises. He said...well I came home early from work...and I got you presents. Um, I figured since it was my birthday you would get me presents, and since our reservations were for 7 you would have to be home before your usual 7:30. Not surprised. Not happy.

Malissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope that Charlie starts feeling better, it is so scary when your "babies" are sick.

Meg said...

I have to agree with the card. It doesn't matter what else you get, it has to come with a card. I had this problem with B last Christmas. I loved the gifts, but I really just wanted a damn card. Men!

Sara said...

You and me sound so alike sometimes. I am a hopeless romantic, and I grew up with birthdays being a huge deal. Mark isn't and didn't. Anyhow, he is slooooowly learning what makes me really happy. Being throughtful doesn't come easy for him. But he's trying, and he listens. I've definitely gotten my feelings hurt a time or two. Even worse is that telling them "I wish you would have bought me flowers, etc." sounds snotty to me. No good situation.

Wearing Mascara said...

I can completely relate to you wanting a card. I feel it's SO important. More important than the gift! I hope your hubs makes up for it. xoxo

Hannah said...

Poor puppy!!!!!!

And poor Mrs. Jet Plane :(

I'm that way with flowers. I've asked Mr. AF to get me flowers Soooooooo many times, and still nothing. He got me flowers once, about a year ago, after I guilt-tripped him into it.
It's miserable.

Madison Sanders said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madison Sanders said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madison Sanders said...

I know how it is when you're expecting something and don't get it. I try not to get my hopes up too much, but no card? C'mon now. Maybe his family doesn't do cards. Either way, I would have a heart to to heart and tell him how I feel.

Maybe he'll make it up to you.

Also, don't google things that have anything to do with a certain disease. It only leads to trouble.

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