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Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick Yard Sale Info

Yes we are super excited for how well it went, here's how we made it successful.

1. We did put an add in the paper and put signs around the area.
2. We (Mr. Jetplane) got our neighbor to have a yard sale too. The more people in the neighborhood the more traffic you'll get.
3. I priced the majority of things to MOVE.
4. We had a large mix of items, but no furniture
5. We sold a vacuum, stereo, surround sound system, computer/Internet stuff, lamps.
6. We also sold ours (my) old dishes, glasses, silverware, etc from before we got married and received new stuff. Also so drapes, duvet covers, towels, wall decor, vases, fake flowers, etc.
7. I did sell a good amount of my clothes and purses. It was hit or miss since people had to either be my size or have a child be my size. Luckily we had 5 people or so that did and they bought a ton of stuff, ranging from speeding $30 - $80 just on clothes, which is saying a lot since I'd priced them from $.25 - $10 max.
8. Also sold manly stuff... motorcycle ramp, motorcycle cover, tie downs, luggage, etc.

What are my suggestions...

Start getting things in order early. We started working toward getting things together for a couple of weeks before the sale.
Price things to MOVE.
Open Early
Be willing to negotiate
Have a nice mix of items
Bring a good attitude and patience

Happy Yard Saling....


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I've been thinking about having a yard sale. Thanks for all the tips!

Brandi said...

yard/garage sales are the best! You obviously know how to sell, some neighbors of ours have no clue what it means to MARK TO SALE. Crazy folks (but we still love them) lol

Lucky in Love said...

Thanks for the tips!

Jane said...

My sister and I are having a garage sale sometime soon. Neither of us has ever done it before and I am a little nervous, but we have LOADS of stuff to get rid of! Thanks for the advice!

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