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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You want a little backstory

Well you can feel free to learn a little more about the past with my sis in law here.

Let's us say that we are VERY different people. She has decided to get married next month in Vegas on a Tuesday the week before the Jetplanes are going on a week long vacation. We found out about this last week and I had to beg to get time off. We're flying out late afternoon on a Monday and back on Wednesday morning. Yeah! Vegas for like 48 hours, maybe.

Due to the time frame and the distance from all of her family and friends, very few people will be able to be in attendance. In total maybe 10 people including her and her fiance will be able to make it out.

She made my wedding process and wedding day at times extremely difficult. Not to discuss it too much, but she basically threw a fit the entire length of our engagement knowing that she and her son were going to be in the wedding. She complained about everything from having to get a dress, being asked to attend the shower (which she didn't do), rehearsal dinner, getting her hair did (which I paid for), the brunch the next day (which she threw a fit in front of all our family and friends), and let her child pee in my parents back yard next to the pool. Oh yeah! Good times all around. I'm not even going into detail here... it was so out of control that I nearly lost my freaking mind.

Mr. Jetplane says I need to get over it... I don't think I'll ever be able to accomplish that... sorry I'm not that big of a person...


KLC said...

How annoying! When you feel like you can't take her anymore just think... At least she has never punched you in the face like my future SIL did to me! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, but with the mother-in-law. And I'm still not over the crap that has happened with us. Thankfully, now I let my hubby strictly handle the situation and try to not talk to her as much as possible.

I will send you good vibes!!! GOOD LUCK, and just take a drink when you feel the urge to say WTF?!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Wow! Yeah, I wouldn't be all about going to that wedding either with all of those past circumstances.

Allison Hasel said...

Honestly, my sister-in-law and I do NOT get along and I can't let it go either. I try and try, but I can't! A month after my grandmother died {she was my only living grandparent by the way...} and a month before the wedding was the weekend of Nick's pilot training graduation. Nick's parents are divorced, so they stayed in a hotel and his sister stayed with us.

After a weekend of trying not to step on any toes, but yet get them to places on time without pissing one or the other off, I was so over it. They are so afraid to hurt each other's feelings no one will make any decisions about dinner, which way to walk to graduation, stupid shit. It is incredibly frustrating for me because my parents get along great even though divorced. His sister picked the last night they were there to scream at me and tell me that I was too aggressive, I shouldn't call them "your family" because they are mine as well, that I am not affectionate enough with her brother, and I don't ask her enough questions about her very strained relationship, etc. etc. She basically laid it all out telling me EVERYTHING she hated about me, while I sat there and cried and only said a few things one being that I can't be overly affectionate with Nick while he is in uniform, which she then said, "You should have told me that." I didn't realize I needed to, I figured our PDA was our fricking business! It was awful.

Then at the rehearsal dinner, she gave a speech that had some references to our argument. And to top it ALL OFF she and her mother decided they would play a game, which I had asked them months ago not to do. It was that how well do you know each other game people play at SHOWERS. I was furious! I barely got to spend anytime with our friends who had flown from all over the country to be there with their husbands and kids.

I was fuming, but guess what? Nick and I got almost every question the exact same, down to who cooks the most and we both said both of us (he does the meat typically and I do everything else). The only question we had different was who is the better dancer, and DUH! Me! So HA! I know she wanted to embarrass me, but she didn't!

Sorry this was sooo long! I have been dying to post about this on the blog, but some of our family reads it so I had to refrain! It feels good to get it out here! :)

Long story, short–I feel your pain with the rude, immature sister-in-law. Hope you guys can manage to have a little fun in Vegas!

Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for not getting over it...that was just rude of her!!!

PS-I never recieved anything from you from the pug contest. Just wanted to check on that...not that big of a deal.

Blackeyed Susan said...

when i saw your first post about whether or not to wear the white and purple dress i have to admit i thought "what a beeyotch" hahaha

but now, i think you should wear a completely white dress!!!

Sara said...

oh in laws. I always get so ticked off when people tell me how much they love every single in law they have. My in laws are a healthy dose of crazy and dive me insane. I think if this girl had proved she grew up a little and was less a pain in the ass then you could forgive and forget, but didn't she come for a visit not that long ago? And wasn't she a pain then?

Lucky in Love said...

Um, wow. That is ridiculous! I'm sorry you had to marry into that. In-law's families can be tough.

It is really sweet of you two to actually go to the wedding and she should really appreciate your effort.

Jackie said...

Boooo, she sucks!

sarah said...

OMG. You are a better person than I am. I would have had a temper tantrum.

I still think you should wear the new dress, by the way.

Hannah said...

He's a man and just doesn't get it-- I wouldn't want to get over it either. And after reading this, I especially say that you should wear the dress!!! :)

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