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Monday, June 15, 2009

These are the Days of Our Lives (Jetplane Style)

Actual conversation that occurred at Case de Jetplane prior to the True Blood last night.

Mrs. Jetplane popping open a bottle of champagne since she was celebrating and plopping down on the couch with a full glass. (Mind you that I used a red wine glass so I got more in each glass and less getting up to refill. That's KLASSY, yes I'm well aware of it.)

Me: "I bought a six pack of beer while I was at the store. Its mine, I intend to drink it this week."

Mr: "Excuse me..."

Me: "I bought a sixer of Bud Light. I will be drinking it this week. If you want beer go buy it."

Mr: "Boy you sure are drinking more these days."

Me: "Yeah, it calms me."

Mr: "It calms you from what."

Me: "From Everything!"

Mr: "Okay whatever you say."

Me: "That's right! And I'm totally serious about not drinking any of my beer."

Mr: "Do you plan on drinking that whole bottle tonight?"

Me: "Don't know... we'll see where the night takes me... which will probably be straight to bed."

Now, I'll be honest in the past couple of years I had really stopped drinking all that much. But since Mr. Jetplane left for training and I was home alone for like 6 months, I liked to have a drink or 2 or a bottle of wine on a Saturday night by myself watching Lifetime movies... sue me.

But work right now is kicking my butt and it helps me sleep better, so please no comments about me being an alcoholic. I watch enough Intervention to know better....

Now get me home... I have a Bud Light with my name on it.


Nicole said...

HAHAHAH LOVE IT!!! You go for it I'm sure you deserve it!

Freck said...

Haha!! That is awesome. No judging here, I bought a sixer of Blue Moon and an orange this weekend and intend on drinking it this week...

jlc said...

no judges here either!!!

of course that couldn't be allowed considering i nearly foamed at the mouth when i saw that green concoction!

Erin said...

If you lived by me - I would have a casual drinking buddy. That would be fabulous!


~M~ said...

Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been drinking more too. Shhh!

Mrs. Potts said...

I understand where you're coming from!

Did you love the first episode of season two? I did - although the whole bit about Jason & the FOTS didn't really flow for me. Or the ending with Eric. Foils? Really??

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

This girl, who not infrequently enjoys champagne in Kountry Krystal (ie, styrofoam cups), will not be passing judgment. Nothing finer than a glass of red or bubbly at the end of the day, pre-bedtime.

Unknown said...

love that you called dibs on it!

B said...

Haha, substitute Bud Light for Mich Ultra, and we seriously just had this conversation at our house last weekend!

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