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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Book Review - Breaking Dawn

I've done it. I've completed the Twilight series, and I am honestly glad I did. The 4th book, while different from the others, was worth the 751 pages it took to finish. The book is divided into 2 sections - the 1st section told from Jacob's POV and the 2nd section told from Bella. Its a little different, but you have experienced this in the past books as well, just not to this degree.

A LOT happens in this book. Things change, characters change, expectations shift, and you are introduced to a ton of new characters, so much so that there is a chart in the back of the book to keep all the covens straight.
Don't worry I'm not going to give any of the story away.

The author has done a good job of getting you interested and involved in the various story lines of the numerous characters she introduces, but I don't think there is enough back story in some cases. Granted the book is over 700 pages, but I still want back story, I still want a better understanding of exactly how things came to be the way they are now.

Overall, the story was enthralling and very entertaining, my favorite book by far. My 2nd place would be Twilight (1st Book) followed by the 3rd book and finally the 2nd book (which I didn't care for at all).

My one main issue that I have with the author's writing in general (and this hasn't changed in all 4 books) is that she spends so much time building up to the fight sequences and then you get to the fight, the "good part", and things are quickly resolved. Its annoying. I read for 40 pages about the build up and 3 pages about the fight, that ticks me off.

Now we have the movie comes next month.....

I've taken a look at the new trailer and some of the new stills.... I'm getting warmed up to the actor playing Edward but I still can't stand Bella. I just watched the actress in the Land of Women, I just don't find her as a believable Bella. Also, the actors they selected to play Jacob and Charlie, where they reading the sames books. Maybe a better question, did they read the books at all. Jacob should be a large kid, even in the 1st book, and he should be attractive. I believe the actor playing him is the kid from SharkBoy LavaGirl.


Mojito Maven said...

I am so glad you liked the 4th book...I just finished the 3rd one yesterday on the plane and I have to agree that it was MUCH better than the second one. Bella was much less dependent and whiney in this book and I agree about the fight scenes...

Now it's on the the last one...

AND I agree about the movue actors...the actor playing Edward was not what i imagined AT ALL

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found my blog... what a small world!!!! I can't believe we grew up SO close to each other and end up meeting in Blog-Land!?! What are the odds? I can't wait to follow your blog. I'm officially a follower!

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