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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow I can't believe I dated you...

So I just recently joined Facebook. I've had a Myspace account for some time, but never Facebook. The Mr. has had one for a long time, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. Well, last night, during my television viewing of Top Design and Lipstick Jungle, I decided to go on the search for old high school and college friends. In the process, I found a lot of ex-boyfriends.

One particular was the last one I had before the Mr. came into my life, and is the whole reason I met my husband. Not to go into long detail, you can take a look at my old post from July, if you want the whole story of the Mr. and Mrs.

Long story short, the ex cheated on me on Match.com, I met the Mr. on Match.com.

Anyway, the ex and I are now friends on Facebook, and he's a total douche. Not that he wasn't when I dated him, but for some reason I never saw it. I think I was blinded by the fact that I had recently moved to Indy from college (leaving another relationship behind that I missed very much) and desperately wanted someone special in my life. I enjoyed his family and liked someone to hang out with. I think that clouded my view of him, and my ability to see his real doucheyness (no that's not a word, but it suits him).

Well he's married now, with a child, and I'm happy for him. Even though, he ended up treating me like crap, he didn't really break my heart, I don't think I ever really cared about him. We've remained cordial to each other over the years. He used to dog sit for me for a year or so after we broke up, since Milo was "our" dog.

Anyway, he's a total douche and all my friends/family never liked him. And his pictures he posted, well they speak volumes. One statement for you, PUT A SHIRT ON.

But I'm the lucky one here, because the Mr. is 50x hotter and cooler than he could have ever hoped to be. His mistake was most definitely my gain.

So which leads me to my question, does anyone ever look back at their ex's and think... "What the F@#* was I thinking?"


Anonymous said...

I'm dying laughing right now! That just totally made my day AND even funnier I got an email from an ex-bf on Facebook yesterday!!!

Mojito Maven said...

story of my life. I had 2 really serious bfs before Mr. Mojito...one was truly amazing...the other not so much and half the time i say, 'what the the heck was I thinking?"

KLC said...

I totally understand what you are thinking! I dated someone for 2 years before I met Parrothead... actually I dumped the other guy to be with Parrothead and it was the best decision of my life! My friends and family hated my ex, they love Parrothead though :) as do i! THings have a way of working out :)

Unknown said...

I just dumped facebook & went back to myspace. Long story I will save it for one of our chats...

How is the Mr liking SA?

Chic Runner said...

Story of my life too... I look back and think to myself, what in the WORLD what I doing/thinking! Glad you found best Mr!

PS new to your blog, but I love reading it! :)

Dugout Daisy said...

Oh you nailed it on the head! I say that about so many of my exes... itz true. I am friends with them on facebook and myspace too... and I look at pictures and just think "Oh God." hahaha! Such a great post!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! It's terrible, but I got much enjoyment out of finding my ex-boyfriend's profile on myspace and discovering that he now has man-boobs & an inability to dress himself in his pictures. I think we all do it. And it's awesome! lol

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