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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Question for You All

The hubby and I are now reaching the age that our college friends are having babies.

My 1st close, college friend, J, is currently pregnant and due in January. I'm totally excited for her and I can't wait to meet the lil girl that they are having. J, has chosen to use all environmentally-friendly diapers and organic only baby products. During her pregnancy she has removed all harsh chemical cleaning products and is eating all organically. I'm proud of her, she was a pack a day smoker, Starbucks chugging, wine lovin type of gal, and she quit it all cold turkey.

She's having a shower in Chicago next month, which I hope I can go to (more on that later), and I was scanning through her registries. She has a pretty normal registry at Babies R Us and then another one at Rightstart.com.

Ok, so here's my question: She is requesting G-Diapers, they can be found http://www.gdiapers.com/.

Has anyone ever heard of them? I took a look at the site and they seem really interesting.

From the site: gDiaper's plastic-free flushable refills have no elemental chlorine, no perfumes, no smell, no garbage, and no guilt. They come in two sizes: small refills fit small 'little g' pants, medium/large refills fit both the medium and large 'little g' pants.

You buy a "cover" and "diaper" or refill as they call it goes into the cover. The covers run from 16.99 to 18.99 and the refills are 52.00 for a pack of 160 (small size).

Another question, seeing how I don't have kids, never bought diapers, and don't have any point of reference here.... $52.00 for a 160 changes, is that reasonable? I mean obviously they are going to cost for than the standard diapers, but you also don't have to put them in your trash can and deal with "that" mess, you can flush them (that's worth a little more to me) but 160 changes - how long does it take to go through 160 diapers.... I suppose that the real question that I need to answer, what's the ROI on these diapers.... outside of the environmental impact.

Obviously, I'll get them for her since she wants them and that's how they are going to be raising her, but its got me thinking what I'll want to do when I have kids...


Unknown said...

OMG! I hope your friend is rich! The first month you go through 8-10 diapers a DAY! I am all about the environment but good LORD that is some pricey stuff! I am alla bout being healthy for baby though if she can afford to keep it up, you go girl!

My baby shower gifts consist of hooter hiders, boppys, or spa pass for mommy.

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