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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Date Night - the Recap

Well... we did go out to eat. We ate at a lil Mexican restaurant near the house and also near Wal-Mart. We decided since the movie was only on at 6:15pm or 8:30 pm, it wasn't doable. I don't get home from work until 6:00. (and b/c we're old and its a school night) FYI - we haven't had Mexican together for a couple of months, we got totally burned out. We used to have Strawberry Margaritas and tacos/fajitas at least once every 2 weeks.

We split Fajitas Texans, which is our favorite, but no drinks. Then we headed over to Super Wal-Mart to get our shopping on. Since Brent is back in the house, I needed to get all the essentials for him - Orange Juice (Pulp Free Low Acid), Acai Juice, Beer, Cereal, tons of lunch meat, and cheese. That boy loves his beverages and sandwiches.

Side Note ..... Military wives - do you all grocery shop on base? I can't, I get totally annoyed. People are pushy and the baggers insist on walking you out to the car and demand tips. We do go to the NEX (we're on a Navy base but he is USAF) and shop sometimes when there is a sale.

Then we headed home to watch Greek (one of our favorite shows) and of course Bravo's new shows - Housewives of ATL and Rachel Zoe. He hated both of them and instead read his book on the couch. But I did talk him into rubbing my feet...

God we are so exciting.....

Is anyone else watching the new Housewives in ATL? Is Kim is she wearing a wig or is that just me? And why do I have to see her bra all the time?


Unknown said...

I can not stand the housewives of ATL! I vow never to watch it!

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