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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Deep Thoughts from the weekend

1. I found Badgley Mischka at TJ Maxx. I found a really cute Purple dress, but while it fit in the top it didn't really have a waist and wasn't very flattering on me. It looked like a really cute pruple bag.

2. I'm pissed that I don't get to see the Colts today on regular TV. I'm checking updates online.

3. I've recently decided to not buy small bagged carrots. I've started buying a pound of carrots and then peel and cut them myself. Did you realize that use can get a pound for under $1.00? Not only is it cheaper, but they taste alot better.

4. I am successfully bringing my backyard back to life.

5. I just bought a super cute, pink, cotton sleep dress from Walmart - its Hanes and the proceeds are going to Breast Cancer Research.

6. I'm still working on Thank you cards from the wedding. Yes I'm horrible. I have about 30 or so left. I just got totally burnt out. All the "important" people got theirs during the first wave...

7. I'm going to make Rice Krispies today.... Yeah!! Yes I'm supposed to be watching what I eat...

8. I put some time in on the elliptical machine yesterday.... not enough but it is the first step.

9. I can't wait to watch Mad Men tonight.

10. Poor lil Milo has some sort of eye infection. I have to give him antibiotics, baby aspirins, and put ointment in both of his eyes, which he absolutely hates.


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