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Friday, October 3, 2008

Discount Diva

As we all know by now, times are tight people. Thriftiness is skill that we'll all have to gain. Well, good for me it was a skill that I've been born with. I love a good sale and I love a good bargain.

So today I was wearing, this great light, weight cardigan, in dark gray, from Target.
Its casual Friday, so I paired the cardigan with a purple cotton t-shirt and dark jeans from BR, with a pair of BGBG metallic black/purplish heels. I actually forgot I even had the heels. I've been going through my shoe collection, remembering and wearing shoes I totally forgot about. I have an entire linen closet in the master bath filled with my boxed shoe collection. The rest is in the the master closet. Unfortunately, the hubby's clothes are in the guest bedroom.


Unknown said...

love that! I love me some Target!

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