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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Hubby's favorite Wedding Gift

When it came to registering for gifts, the Hubby was somewhat excited to get to use the scanner but 20 minutes into looking at China patterns, he decided that he hated the whole idea.

#1 He preferred to go home.

#2 He thought we didn't need all this stuff.

#3 He thought who the hell is going to buy us this stuff.

I kindly yet firmly let him know....

#1 I'll take you out to dinner after this.

#2 You don't even know what we have. Plus, most of the stuff is from my college days and its starting to look nasty.

#3 My parents are inviting a crap load of people, they buy gifts. Also, our friends are 27-30yrs old, they have good jobs, we're not asking for ridiculous expensive items. Plus, we can come back and buy stuff at a discount.

Okay, crisis somewhat averted but, still DRAMA city.... We moved fast and furiously, and I said I'd come back myself and do it. Ended up doing the rest online.

We registered at 4 places - BBY, Pottery Barn, Macys, & Lowes. Brent only went to BBY but I let him register at Lowe's online. I learn from my mistakes. But I did show him everything we were registering for, and registered for some items I knew he'd love.

His favorite gift is this single serving coffee maker.

First, we didn't have a coffee maker in our house. #1 I don't drink coffee and #2 he didn't drink it regularly and he like various types of foamy coffee drinks so he buys them at Starbucks on base.

Well, since we have bought this Starbucks no longer. He loves it and all the different drinks you can make. I love the Hot Chocolate, he tried to get me to like the Chai Latte but to me it tasted like a Thanksgiving Candle....

Word to the wise, if you do buy this machine. You can buy most of the beverage discs from Walmart (except in Columbus, MS Brent found out). They are A LOT cheaper than BBY and Linens n Things. But I did have a couple of 20% coupons so I did buy some. FYI - Starbucks does make the discs for the machine as well.


amanda said...

I have this coffee maker and LOVE IT. Starbucks has sucked enough money out of this gal!

Anonymous said...

Really, Coffee maker prefect wedding gift... I personally like this!!

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