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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Lowdown

Ok, I'm really tired and we had to go to a BBQ for a friend that is leaving for t-38 later this week. So in its abbreviated form my weekend.

1. From Memphis to STL I sat next to a person that would not shut the f#@% up.
2. My step-brother (the Best man not the one that was the groom) decided to tell me how much he disliked the bride and didn't want his brother to get married.
3. Someone locked their 10 month old baby in their car out from of reception venue. The police came and broke the window.
4. My brother took sinus medicine earlier in the day then drank jack & cokes. He fainted outside the reception. Thank god my parents were there. He came to and was fine, but it scared the living crap out of me.
5. My step-dad's ex wife insisted on talking to me, a lot. She felt she needed to talk to about my mom's cancer.... UMMMM... no thank you.
6. I had to share a king size bed with my brother Saturday night. I couldn't sleep I kept making sure he was breathing.
7. My brother drove my parents car to STL and on the way home the car died for some reason. He pulled to the shoulder and a city cop showed up, ran the plates, got his license, etc. Then a state trooper pulled up, told my brother he was in a gang, and hand cuffed him.
Turns out that their is a gang member, who lives in our hometown, that has the same last name as my brother and his name is John. My brother's name is Jonathon. He is a skinny white kid, driving my parents blacked out Escalade with 22" rims, and my parents shitz shu Hank riding shotgun. Does he look like a gang banger to you? Well after lengthy review by the city cop, he proved that Jonathon and John are not the same person, seeing how my brother was a completely different ethnicity from the "gang banger" he accused him of being. The asshole, didn't even apologize for the ordeal.
8. Funniest (saddest) part, my parents spent most of the day with me and drove me to the airport. They were driving home and noticed my brother on the side of the road with the dog, and the car getting towed, about 6 hours after he left the hotel. Poor kid, his cell phone died and he didn't bring his car charger.

What a weekend.


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