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Monday, October 6, 2008

Not always the perfect day....

So I love the Weddingbee... Well to be completely honest, I used to love the Weddingbee. When I was in the pre-wedding stage and even for a little while after I read the blog religiously. But I do admit that I've found the last several bees not as exciting and informative as some/most of the old bees. I mean a couple of them don't even blog regularly and when they do they are pointless non-informative blogs... I won't name name but I really miss Mrs. Lovebug, Mrs. Penguin, and I will miss Mrs. Cream Puff.

However, I always loved Ms. Shortcake (now MRS.). I feel so bad for her. She did a post today about how disappointed she is in how things turned out. I completely understand and sympathize with her.

See her post


So many things went wrong on our wedding day too, and I'm sorry to admit I let it get to me. I was so stressed out, that I was glad that our ceremony was long, I kept telling myself... Breathe damn it, be in this moment, live in this moment. And I did, then the shit it the fan after the ceremony, but I kept telling myself.... this is your wedding day, be in this moment...

Did anyone else feel the same way at their wedding???

The next day after the wedding we a had a brunch and opened gifts. Then we drove home from Illinois and flew out the following morning to the DR. I think my body was in shock or going through withdrawals. I had horrible stomach cramps and a headache until we got to the hotel room. Then it hit me when I laid down on the bed.... OMG I'm on my freaking honeymoon.... Holy Sh!t, I'm married. Then I started to cry....

Here's us on the bus to the hotel.... I finally started to breathe... We made it... Thank God b/c we overslept and almost missed our flight out of P'cola.

You can see that I finally started to relax and let loose.... This is after a little too much champagne and fruity purple-pink drinks... we never quite knew what they were, b/c every day they were something different. Loved them either way. ** Picture after dinner at the Resort. BTW - I bought Brent 2 pairs of linen pants and other clothes to where on the honeymoon, he didn't bring any of them.... I wanted to kill him. He bought 2 pairs of khaki shorts and a pair of jeans.... MEN....

Honeymoon.... I miss you.

BTW- Did you hear that EHarmony bought Weddingbee? Since this has came to light, several people including current and past bees are choosing to quit Weddingbee due to EHarmony's decisions against matching people that aren't heterosexual. I'm really happy for Mr. and Mrs. Bee but I do admit I'm concern about the future of the site. We'll see what happens.


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