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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mad Men Musings... Continued

Ok now that I have a minute... WOW last night was off the chain (sorry)... but it was. For a show that sometimes you feel "nothing happens", the sh!t went down last night for sure.

The background for the episode was the days surrounding the Cuban Missile Crisis. People everyone seemed to be panicked and re-evaluating everything, which leads to some very interesting conclusions and new avenues for the show...

Here are my thoughts.
1. Betty is pregnant, you kind of figured that might be the case. However, she appeared to want to "get rid of it", which in an age prior to Roe v. Wade, a "woman of means", as her doctor referred to her, didn't do such things. However during her hair salon visit, it appears that some do and her friend gave her the low down on it.

2. Don is back and has realized that Betty and kids are all he has left, he seems sincere, well as sincere as he can be. He writes Betty a loving note which moves Betty to reconsider their marriage.

3. Betty totally gets it on with some random hottie in a bar, who is also married, then goes home and eats some fried chicken.

4. Father Gill called Peggy out on her sins, and made her ultimately confess her pregnancy to Pete. We also learned that the toddler at her sister's house, is not the "said" baby in question. She gave the baby up for adoption.

5. Pete doesn't love his wife, that's totally obvious. And confesses his love to Peggy. Peggy confesses to Pete about the baby and says that she could have forced him to be with her, but she didn't want that. The irony of it all is Pete picked his wife over Peggy, and his wife can't have any children (pushing for adoption, which he sees as beneath him) and here's Peggy who had his child but didn't want it or him now... Pete actually shed a tear. Wow, he does have feelings, it was nice to see.

6. Sterling Cooper is being merged officially, and Duck the worthless Head of Accounts seems to have talked his way into being the new President, and wants to get rid of Don Draper. Funny thing, Don doesn't have a non-compete like Duck thought, so the joke may be on him. And the fact that he's back on the sauce, with a temper doesn't seem good for him. He's a POS, and hasn't brought in any new accounts.

So the episode ends with everyone going into the next chapter of their lives...

Peggy says her prayers with a smile, knowing that she will eventually go to heaven.

Don and Betty looking to get back together with a new child.

And Pete... with a rifle and drink in hand holding the fort down at Sterling Cooper.

Can't wait to see where it all goes from here.


teresa-bug said...

I have heard that Mad Men might not come back next year. Would be a shame not to see what happens next!

Muffy said...

I love this show!!!!

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