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Saturday, October 18, 2008

OMG what a morning...

So Brent and I just returned home from what was supposed to be "relaxation yoga". Let's just say, I'm not relaxed. The normal instructor switched classes this week with another yoga instructor, and she kicked our butts.

We attend yoga classes at the new gym on NAS P'cola (the port side base, P'Cola has 2 bases port side which is on the water, and Corry Field which is where the larger commissary, NEX, hospital, etc. is located.) We were driving home from port side and I turned to go to Corry forgetting that I had left our scratch and win %% off coupon at home. (I need to buy new speakers for my Liberty, one of the front one is blown). Anyway, we head back home the long way and turn onto the intersection close to our house, a HUGE wreck and just happened. People running out of their cars to help, calling 911, etc. If we wouldn't have turned around and went the long way home, we would have been right there.


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