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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I got FIVE on it...

Today, in case you weren't aware of is Boss's Day. Yeah, I didn't know about either until yesterday.

Our management in general is great. They are easy going and reward us greatly, in non-monetary ways, bringing in lunch, snacks, birthday cake and ice cream once a month, donuts on Fridays, etc. They even gave all of the women in the office flowers on Valentine's Day. In general they treat us, the employees, well. I can't complain at all.

So yesterday, a member of the admin staff, let's us all know (excluding mgt) about today, and asked if each of us could throw in $5 to have lunch brought in. We were getting BBQ sandwiches, baked beans, etc. In our main office there are about 25 people (excluding mgt) so that puts us at $125.

Well, it has been a fiasco getting people to contribute $5 for the meal. Some people didn't want to participate, others weren't going to be in the office that hour and didn't feel they should give money if they weren't going to be there, and some people were just being pains in the asses.

Its $5 freaking dollars people, I understand we're in a recession here people, but come the f@$% on, a meal from this restaurant is usually $8 - 9, so if you eat the lunch you've gotten your $$$ worth. And let's say you can't be here to eat, well you ass has certainly taken part in the monthly birthday celebrations, various lunches, snacks, pot lucks, holiday parties, retirement parties, etc.... with out ever putting in dollar one.

Sorry, I'm done venting on....

Oh wait 1 more thing. Ok there is Administrative assistant's Day and Boss's Day, what about all the other employees.....

Better get back to work...


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