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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photography Shout Out!!

Well, it appears that I actually have people that read my blog. I'm pretty amazed if I do say so myself. Because of that, I wanted to introduce everyone to a great photographer, Michelle Dearing. I was introduced to her work through a friend of a friend, and was so happy to get to work with her. She, herself, is a military wife and mother to a young, very cute lil boy named Pepe. She took our engagement pictures and my boudoir shots. We're trying to find a time to do a trash the dress shoot as well, but with Brent's schedule and her recent relocation to Jacksonville, Fl, its a little tricky.

Seeing that I have several readers in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, I wanted to introduce you all to Michelle's work. I've really enjoyed working with her and loved the pictures she has given to us. She's local to Jacksonville, in P'cola from time to time, and will travel for weddings. Please take a look at her website or blog . I have some more boudoir shots, but I'm a little too shy to show them. But trust me, they are great, and the hubby loves them.

Thanks Michelle... I hope to get another shoot in when you and Brent are going to be in town.


Oeil Photography said...

aw thanks so much for all the love! I still want to do your bridals!

Kate said...

What gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing

amy (metz) walker said...

LOVE your photos! They are gorgeous...the one of your feet in the sand with the jeans rolled up are just awesome!

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