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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Family Wedding - UGH

My parents have been divorced since I was in kindergarten. My mother got remarried the summer before 8th grade. They had started dating when I was in 5th grade. My step dad has sons from previous marriages. My step brothers are 24 and 31. The 31 yr old is getting married next weekend. My step dad is making me go, even though I don't want to go. He's laying a guilt trip on me saying that its a "family" wedding and that he (his son) and his soon to be wife attended all my wedding functions. While that is true - 2 hour commute to my festivities and flying from P'cola to STL is totally not the same thing, and its a hell of a lot more expense.

No I'm not being ridiculous, I've actually listed some reasons why I don't think I should have to go:

1. I'm not close to him at all. We don't really have a relationship, we see each other at holidays.
2. His soon to be wife is nice. She did attend my shower and was lovely, but I don't really know her. Funny thing, after chatting it up with everyone at the shower, I sat down at a table with my bridesmaids and there was this girl that was just chatting away with me, and I honestly didn't have a clue who she was. I had to get up and ask my mom who that was. It was her.
3. Brent is coming home this coming weekend, but can't take leave to come up with me. He is going to stay and take care of the dogs.
4. Its hella expensive and I don't really feel like blowing $400-$600 for the tickets, then a hotel, etc. Granted it was more expensive waiting till the last minute. But everything was so up in the air, I didn't have a choice.
5. My step-dad's ex wife and her family is freaking crazy. I'm not joking, its going to be total drama.
a.) they don't like the bride
b.) there is a chance they could talk him out of it
c.) there will be alcohol and alcoholics in attendance

Luckily, after over 2 hours searching all flight options through Orbitz then searching online at every provider, I found the cheapest (this the most decent times) at $391.00.

Now I need to get a new dress this weekend, get my eyebrows waxed, and work out this week.


Liz said...

Sounds Awful! Seems like your stepdad could offer to help you out since he is making you go!

Unknown said...

If it makes you feel any better, my oldest brother got married TODAY in Washington and I was not able to attend his wedding. Kind of sad. BUT he has only known the girl like 5 months!

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