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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mrs. Jetplane Cooks...

I cook almost every night, but I'm lucky I have a great husband that cooks as well. And since he gets home before I do 75% of the time right now, he starts the meals during the week. However, on Sundays I spend time making a meal that I wouldn't be able to make during the week (and get it on the table at a decent time).

My goal is to cook 1 new recipe a week, and add new dinners to my repertoire. Then I generally ask Mr. Jetplane what he'd like for the week. Sometimes he's rather helpful... other times (most of the times) he's not. He's recently started asking for a menu so he can select from... ha ha... not happening bud.

So today I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti. And it was quite a hit. However... it took quite some time to prepare it. You can take a look at her recipe here.

Here's Mrs. Jetplane's version.... Not bad, right?

I followed the recipe pretty close. A couple things I did different.

1. I didn't use a whole chicken. I bought split chicken breasts with skin on. It came 3 to a package and it was only $4.20 at the commissary today. I actually only had to use 2 of them since they were so large, 2 gave me more than the 2 cups of cooked chicken that the recipe required.
2. I didn't use Sharp Cheddar, I used Mild Cheddar, its what we already had at the house.
I paired the dish with Mexi-Corn. I have a deep love for Mexi-Corn, yeah its totally weird, but I love that canned corn side dish.
Hope you all are having a great Sunday evening... True Blood tonight.... oh yeah!!! I'm excited. I already have a dessert and cocktail planned for the viewing...


~M~ said...

Can't go wrong with melty cheese!!

Mr. and Mrs. Top Gun said...

Sounds delicious! I make a baked spaghetti that Mr. Top Gun loves, and it also is ooey and gooey with cheese!

Mrs. Top Gun

The Preppy Princess said...

This looks excellent Mrs. Jet Plane, and the tips you put in on how you did it help a lot. Thank you!

Sparkle Sparkle said...

sundays are the best for making the really good meals. that looks so good!

Sarah said...

Looks good, I might give it a try anything with cheese in it sounds good to me

Lindsey said...

This is something that I need to start doing. I am in a cooking rut B.I.G. time! Keep your wonderful readers updated on what you cook and if you can link or post the recipe. I would love to add to my collection, er stash, of recipes!

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