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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Discount Diva

Hello All... Today I am sporting my recent Target finds....

These were on clearance at the Target near my house for $6.98. However, online and at the Target near work they were still full price ($12.99).

I've paired them with a black button up shirt dress which is also from Target and bought sometime last Summer/Fall.

Don't you just love Target... Any recent Target purchases you're just crazy about? Share the wealth....

True Blood Thoughts...

Unfortunately due to my crazy work schedule I haven' been able to blog about True Blood much, at all... BOO!

But that being said here are a couple of my thoughts...

1. It appears maybe they will play up the love triangle... Eric to Sookie... "Maybe I'll grow on you..." Sookie in response..."I'd rather have cancer!" YEAH! Team Eric!

2. Jason in the fellowship is growing on me. The minister's wife wants a piece of Jason and I think its hilarious. I think he'll be tested and it may come down to the season finale when the sh!t goes down in the Big D. If it follows true to the book.

3. I'm not a fan of Jessica, but this new relationship is interesting. I like Hoyt.

4. MaryAnn is a big fail to me. And I find it weird that Sam is the only one that 'knows' about her.

5. Lafayette... I'm glad you are a much more defined character in the TV series. I was sad you were killed off so early in the books.
What are your feelings so far about Season 2.
Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting Deep on This Monday Morning...

Hello all and Happy Monday, if that's even possible. Busy Bee, I am yet again...

So this weekend we got the low down on yet another mil couple we know that are getting divorced.

The circumstances are crazy and too ridiculous to actually detail but it involves the following:

Cheating, Commanding Officers, divorces, and kids...

Its wayyyyy more colorful than that but still... it leads me to the following question particular for the mil couples out there...

We (and the military) expect more from officers in the military. Our husbands'/wives' bosses demand a certain level of integrity and ethics in each one of them. Therefore I expect the same in their spouses.

So to all out there... what does it mean to be wife (or husband) to someone in the military. And what does it mean to be an Officer's Wife (Husband)?

I get asked that question a lot, and to be completely honest... I don't really know. But I do know it doesn't mean cheating with someone else's husband and ruining their career in the process.

UPDATE: This isn't an enlisted vs. officer thing. I don't wear my husband rank or anything like that. Its more what does it mean to be the wife of a man in the military? The military is new to the Jetplanes and there are expectations and demands that one wouldn't consider.

I know several men that have been given notices that will not allow them to get promoted, lost top secret clearance, kicked out of the military, etc. for doing things that if happened in the civilian world wouldn't affect their jobs.

If these men/women act a certain way in the personal life they, in some people's eyes, aren't viable leaders in the military. At first it seems too harsh, but after some thought I generally agree with their decisions.

So again... this IS NOT an enlisted v. officer wife thing. I only know one point of view, but I know if I do certain things in my personal, professional, and/or financial life, it very well could have an affect on my husband's career.
Friday, June 26, 2009

Pug Friday


Hello all you lovely readers.... Well its been rough week, not only in my own world but the whole as the world as a whole.

We lost some great people this week, Ed, Farrah, and Michael.

I loved MJ, no matter how crazy he appeared or actually was, his music always moved me. For most of, if not all, of my early years, I was heavily involved in dancing and performing. And I had plenty a dance routine to a MJ song or it incorporated some MJ moves. He was truly an amazing singer, song writer, and dancer.
In college my sorority's Greek Week Air Band Routine (which is a lip syncing/dance routine competition) we did are routine to all Michael Jackson, it was great and we placed 3rd I believe.
So today, eventhough to its Pug Friday... I felt it required me to share this day with someone else.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Service with a Smile

The Jetplanes sometime frequent a pizza chain near our house. Its quick and pretty cheap. We have had the same waitress the last 2 times we've been. She's quite an interesting young lady.

About 2 months ago the Jetplanes parked and started walking up to the restaurant. The waitress is standing outside smoking a cigarette. She asks us, "You guys aren't eating in are you?"

Mr. Jetplane "Well... that is kinda why we're here at the restaurant."

Waitress: "Sorry. I didn't mean it like that. Its just every time I try to take a smoke break someone comes to eat."

Mr. Jetplane "Oh I know... I hate it when that happens."

Waitress: "Yeah... oh well. Let me finish this. Just go in and seat yourself. Just stay near the windows on the left side of the restaurant."

So we walk in and seat ourselves and over all the meal was fine.

Fast forward several weeks and the Jetplanes visited the pizza establishment again. I notice that the same waitress is there and asks us to please seat ourselves. We do so and she comes to our table and we order. We know what we want. We pretty much always get the same thing... yeah I know... we live dangerously.

Then after ordering Mr. Jetplane says.. "Thanks Jackie" (or whatever her name tag said, for this purpose we'll call her Jackie)

We make our way up to the salad bar and Mr. Jetplane finishes before I do. He sits down right when Jackie is delivering our drinks.

She whispers to him.... "Do we know each other?"

Mr. Jetplane: "Excuse Me?"

Jackie: "Do we know each other? You called me by my name!"

Mr. Jetplane: "What you don't remember me?"

Jackie: "No I'm sorry I don't."

Mr. Jetplane: "I'm joking.... You're wearing a name tag!"

Jackie: "Oh!"

And she walked away....

FYI - if anyone is wearing a name tag... Mr. Jetplane will call you by your name no matter what. He always does and I find it so funny when people get freaked out by it.
Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is It Wrong??

That I can't wait to move to North Carolina and be with other wives/women (get to make friends again) and get the opportunity to host dinner parties and/or showers/and/or get-togethers?

I swoon over parties and really miss planning my own wedding. I severly suffered from post-wedding blues.

And when I see an adorable Baby Showers like this it takes my love of party planning and desire to get to plan something to a whole new level.... I'm getting the shakes.. I need to plan something...

How freaking adorable is this...


The very talented ladies at Lollipop Events & Designs are responsible for this adorable B-themed Baby Shower.

It was featured on one of my favorite blogs Hostess with the Mostess yesterday.


If You Just Didn't Get Enough RHoNJ Last Night

Its absoluately f-ing ridiculous....

Please click here....

Love you Chelsea Handler, I mean that... I truly mean that....
Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite movies growing up.
I had a VHS tape of that and Robin Hood (the one where he is a fox) and watched them religiously. I could quote them word for word.

And I am over the moon excited about Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. A couple of things about Mrs. Jetplane.

1. I LOVE movies.
2. I LOVE Tim Burton.
3. And in my eyes.... Johnny Depp does NO wrong. From 21 Jump Street to his upcoming Dillinger movie, I love him in everything.

Take a look at these and tell me that it doesn't get you excited!!

It comes out Spring 2010 and its 3D!
Monday, June 22, 2009

There are 2 Types of People in This World...

According to our Sailing Instructor on Saturday.... Motor Boat People and Sailing People.

Some enjoy the journey, others just want to get there. Motor Boat People are great people, they just have a different philosophy.

Well... sorry old chap, but this lady is a most definitely, unequivocally a motor boat person. That we found out this weekend.

Scene: Marina on Base, @ 10am, Temp 96 degrees, Heat index went up to 110. Standing all day on concrete with 8 other students, sweating our asses off.

Big Bottle of Water - Check
Light Colored Clothes - Check
50 SPF sunscreen for face - Check
30+ SPF for rest of me - Check
Hat - Check

The Jetplanes stood all day and listened to what I call, complete and utter jibberish. Tact that, Jib that... Is the wind to your back, to your front, what side is the high side....

The information didn't even go from one ear and out the other, it pretty much just reflected off my sweaty head and flew away. I pulled Mr. Jetplane aside at all 3 of our lovely 10-15 minute breaks and explained that I didn't understand a damn word this guy was saying and I really didn't feel comfortable.

So after the day of instruction, we headed down the beach with all our rigging. Mr. Jetplane and I started rigging our boats. There are 2 ropes that are used in the rigging - 1 that runs the top portion of the sail and the 2nd is knotted onto the back of the boat, through the pulley system on the bottom of the sail and through a large pulley that is knotted off near where you sit. This rope is used to steer the sail.

So I'm ready to push off of shore, and the big Marine that went in front of me had capsized into the water. So YES, I was nervous. Right before I push off the instructor informs Mr. Jetplane that my sail can't extend the whole way because our knot is too close to the pulley. So he re did the knot and I pushed off.

And off I went, I felt the boat pick up speed and the sail swung to the other side. I let it go, as I was supposed to and I didn't capsize. I was so proud of myself. Then all of a sudden I looked down. The rope that ran from the back of the boat through the bottom of the sail was sitting in the bottom of the boat and not through the sail. I looked onto the beach and yelled "OMG! What the hell... how am I supposed to get back?"

I see Mr. Jetplane throw off his life jacket and prepare to jump in the water and retrieve me and my boat. The instructor stopped him and called over the rescue boat. (Oh NO it gets better..or worse)

While waiting for him I re-tie the back knot and prepare to run the rope through the pulleys again. The boat pulls up and he helps me and I ask him to double check my knots. Then he pushes me off again.

And I'm off and I start picking up speed. Literally, I felt like I was going 60 MPH, when in actuality it was more like 5 MPH. I preparing to take the 1st buoy and I make the turn. I almost clear it but I can't turn. Now I'm veering off course and heading to shore. Then I try to turn again toward the buoy and I start picking up speed. By now I'm far away from the rest of the students and heading toward the no-student-sailboat-zone. The reason its a no-student-sailboat-zone because the area is used to dock people's large sailboats. We're talking $100k plus sailboats.

And now I'm heading in that direction and I can't get my boat around. I look around and no one is watching me.... I start screaming... I mean screaming...

"HELP! HELP! I'm going to hit one of these boats!"

I seriously yell this for probably 2 minutes. No one comes. Then I totally break down and start crying. "Can someone please help me? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! HELP ME! SERIOUSLY HELP ME...."

And then a tag the sailboat parked in front of me and hit the poles on the dock. Then I think... "Okay. Well I'm stopped." And then I start crying even more.

After what felt like another 5 minutes the rescue boat comes to get me again. He says... "Are you ok?"

I respond very matter-of-fact... "No! No! I'm pretty f-ing far from okay! I am so not okay. I hate this and I'm very upset."

He says... "I can see that. Don't Worry. Its okay. You're okay. Do you want to keep going?"

I say " Hell no. Pull me and this f-ing boat to shore. I hate this and I don't want to do this anymore."

He asks... "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I completely sure. Get me on shore."

He pulls me to shore and reassures me the whole way its okay. At some point close to shore I realize that I'm acting like a total crazy bitch and I apologize to him. He says its okay.

We get to shore and the instructor asks if I'm okay and if I want to go again.

I re-confirm yet again that I'm not interested in sailing anymore. He asks me what went wrong and I explain to him that I started veering off course and all I do is see myself hitting one of those big expensive sail boats.

To that the instructor says" Oh, don't worry. We would never let you come near any of those boats...."

To that I say... "Oh really... I'm pretty sure I hit it."

"No, I'm sure you didn't hit it!" He turns to the rescue boat driver and he interjects.."Oh yeah. She did it!"

So I spent the rest of the hour that the rest of the class was sailing sitting with the instructor and learning all about his life.

He asked me if I wanted to sail with Mr. Jetplane in his boat. I told him that I don't really want to be that close to him right now. Which was probably a good thing, since he capsized twice. Yeah he deserved it.

Needless to say, I don't think I'll be going sailing again anytime soon... But I do have my A Mate Certification. Mr. will be getting his B Certification, but as for Mrs. Jetplane... HELL NO!!!

There's no crying in Sailing...

Well there was on Saturday... by yours truly...

Due to my utter craziness at work right now, I'll try to blog about it later today.

Also coming up soon.... blog posts about...

True Blood last night.... Eric I love you.

Jetplanes discussions about babies and potential overseas station... Jetplanes + England = no babies for some time....
Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mrs. Jetplane Cooks...

I cook almost every night, but I'm lucky I have a great husband that cooks as well. And since he gets home before I do 75% of the time right now, he starts the meals during the week. However, on Sundays I spend time making a meal that I wouldn't be able to make during the week (and get it on the table at a decent time).

My goal is to cook 1 new recipe a week, and add new dinners to my repertoire. Then I generally ask Mr. Jetplane what he'd like for the week. Sometimes he's rather helpful... other times (most of the times) he's not. He's recently started asking for a menu so he can select from... ha ha... not happening bud.

So today I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti. And it was quite a hit. However... it took quite some time to prepare it. You can take a look at her recipe here.

Here's Mrs. Jetplane's version.... Not bad, right?

I followed the recipe pretty close. A couple things I did different.

1. I didn't use a whole chicken. I bought split chicken breasts with skin on. It came 3 to a package and it was only $4.20 at the commissary today. I actually only had to use 2 of them since they were so large, 2 gave me more than the 2 cups of cooked chicken that the recipe required.
2. I didn't use Sharp Cheddar, I used Mild Cheddar, its what we already had at the house.
I paired the dish with Mexi-Corn. I have a deep love for Mexi-Corn, yeah its totally weird, but I love that canned corn side dish.
Hope you all are having a great Sunday evening... True Blood tonight.... oh yeah!!! I'm excited. I already have a dessert and cocktail planned for the viewing...

Happy Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day... Here's my lil treat to each and every papa out there...
Check out these absolutely adorable sweet treats from Bakerella. Can you even believe that the hamburgers are cupcakes/brownies and the fries are cookies? I'm at a loss for words at the creative genius Bakerella is sometimes.

For the recipe and instructions, please click here.
Saturday, June 20, 2009

We've Hit 500 people

Holy Crap... I've hit 500 posts, that's madness... First and foremost, I want to tell all of you that read this blog a big THANK YOU! I'm shocked that even one person reads this, let alone a couple hundred of you everyday. So from the bottom of my heart thank you.
This blog has truly been an outlet for me and all of you wonderful ladies that provide comments, emails, and chats, make my days a little brighter.

Its great to know that there are others out there just like me... scared of having kids, have shopping issues, love pugs (or American bulldogs), have cancer run in their families, get annoyed with their husbands, spend way too much money at Target, are military wives, live far away from family and friends, love reality television, wish they were a better baker, love Sookie Stackhouse, wish J Crew would manage their website better, get annoyed with their jobs, hating cleaning their house, want to lose weight, and sometimes just really enjoy being lazy....

So thank you.... I will be having a giveaway in order to celebrate.... more to come on that

But I thought I would give you a couple of pictures that I've been meaning to post but since I lost my USB cord I've been delayed....
Here's a picture from our anniversary dinner in Biloxi. I look rather large and in charge, but I am wearing my Lilly dress from Rue La La. And no we didn't eat that whole desert.

And here is how we spent last weekend, Mr. Jetplane getting his Scuba certification. Doesn't he look so cute???
Now we're off to our sailing lessons...
Friday, June 19, 2009

Not A Moment Too Soon....Pug Friday

Image Via
This is exactly how I feel today. This week has officially kicked my ass. Just to let you in a little, have had 6 projects due this week and one other that will be due on Monday. 2 of them I started yesterday and they are due TODAY. Ha Ha.... all I can do is laugh about it...
While I can't really tell you what I do for a living.... let's just say, getting all this done is just not humanly possible. I'm beyond mentally exhausted and slowly drifting into full on crazy bitch mode...
Hope you are having a better Friday, I can't wait till this week is OVER.
Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Follow Up Post About the Lady Doctor

First and foremost, thank you for the sweet comments about my mama. For those of you that haven't read my blog long, my mom was diagnosed in August/Sept 08, she chose to have a double mastectomy before Thanksgiving. Luckily, the cancer was Stage 1, nothing in any of her lymph nodes they removed. Thank you GOD! She is awaiting her reconstructive surgery which she postponed until after the summer since she'll be laid up for quite some time.

She doesn't have to do any radiation or chemo, we were very lucky.

Breast Cancer runs in my family, my maternal grandmother and my mom both have had it. My mom took the BRACA and tested negative for it. I asked my doctor if I should take it. She said that she didn't think I should because if I tested positive they would want me to immediately have a double mastectomy and hysterectomy and I would have insurance issues for the rest of my life. I could be a carrier and got it from my biological father, and it doesn't mean I will get cancer. Ovarian cancer does not run in my family. Also my grandmother we believe got cancer post-menopausal and my mom pre-menopausal, so even though it runs in my family, it doesn't necessarily mean we pass the gene.

OMG its so confusing and scary to think about....

I started talking to her about my mom and how I don't think I now how to do a proper breast exam. I told her that prior to my mom's surgery she asked if I wanted to feel it. I couldn't really feel anything... CUE THE TEARS... they started flowing and the Dr. didn't really comfort me at all. I even glanced over to the box of tissues in the corner of the room thinking she'd offer one...ummm... no. Instead this cute, middle aged, southern, blond, Dr showed me how to do a proper exam and assured me that its much harder to feel a growth on someone else other than yourself.

I then asked her, "How do you know if you have dense breasts?" She told me that I have smooth breast... yeah go me... she told me most young women won't have dense breasts and that some women's feel like they have popcorn in them.... Huh? Which makes it even harder to feel for growths.

We discussed my fears of breast cancer, worrying about my ability to get pregnant, worrying about getting off the pill and having to live with my ridiculously horrid cramps, and a little bit of everything else.

She told me to start taking folic acid at least 2 months prior to trying to have a baby. She also wanted to me to check with a general practice physician to determine if I need any vaccinations. Has anyone had vaccinations before getting pregnant? I don't think I've received a vaccination since going into college.

So that was my emotional visit to the Dr. I swear whenever I have to talk about my family medical history I cry. Its this uncontrollable thing... the eye doctor, my general physician, and the gyno... yeah I can't control it.

My mom is great... she's cancer free and we're just awaiting her reconstructive surgery. I adore my mama but I have inherited all her issues... migraines, bad eye sight, painful menstrual cramps,and my ugly lil toes. But I love her just the same...

Totally lost my sh-t at the Lady Dr. Today...

Yeah you read that right...

Someone bald her eyes out today, sitting in a paper dress, in front of her doctor. Its like I can write about my mom being diagnosed with cancer, but when I verbalize it, OMG I become a mess.

Lady Dr.... not that supportive.

Anyway - more info to follow later. Also I have several questions for the ladies out there?

1. BRACA anyone?
2. Do you take Folic Acid before getting pregnant?
3. Did you get any vaccinations before getting pregnant?

Need to discuss...
Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Short and Sweet

Thank you for the advice on the dress. I do love it and the dupioni silk that its made out of. I know I keep getting mixed opinions on whether or not to wear it. I'll be honest I don't even know if she's wearing white... she's very, lets say... nontraditional, which is totally 100% fine.

I understand the rules about wearing white to a wedding but I wanted to get everyone's opinion on it. But it is Vegas and a non-traditional wedding so... I'll keep you updated.

One more point, she is already is my sister in law, its Mr. Jetplane's sister. She is 4 yrs younger than us (same age as my bro). I don't believe she is 'knocked up' as some have asked. Her and her fiance have been together for several years and engaged for maybe 2 or more years.

Yes, they visited and stayed at our house not that long ago. While it wasn't as bad as I anticipated, I am trying really hard to understand where she is coming from. We're very different in our thought process and the way we do things, so its difficult for me to accept some things that she says and does sometimes. We were raised very differntly.

You want a little backstory

Well you can feel free to learn a little more about the past with my sis in law here.

Let's us say that we are VERY different people. She has decided to get married next month in Vegas on a Tuesday the week before the Jetplanes are going on a week long vacation. We found out about this last week and I had to beg to get time off. We're flying out late afternoon on a Monday and back on Wednesday morning. Yeah! Vegas for like 48 hours, maybe.

Due to the time frame and the distance from all of her family and friends, very few people will be able to be in attendance. In total maybe 10 people including her and her fiance will be able to make it out.

She made my wedding process and wedding day at times extremely difficult. Not to discuss it too much, but she basically threw a fit the entire length of our engagement knowing that she and her son were going to be in the wedding. She complained about everything from having to get a dress, being asked to attend the shower (which she didn't do), rehearsal dinner, getting her hair did (which I paid for), the brunch the next day (which she threw a fit in front of all our family and friends), and let her child pee in my parents back yard next to the pool. Oh yeah! Good times all around. I'm not even going into detail here... it was so out of control that I nearly lost my freaking mind.

Mr. Jetplane says I need to get over it... I don't think I'll ever be able to accomplish that... sorry I'm not that big of a person...

Newest Addition to Mrs. Jetplane's Closet

So I went to the mall to take a look at the BCBG sale since I had mutliple coupons. Unfortunately I didn't see anything worth buying but I did find this lil number... of course NOT on sale.

Click the picture for info on the dress.

Now the question is, it is ok to wear this to Mr. Jetplane's sister's Vegas wedding next month?(that we just found out about...btw...total side story...really annoyed....will discuss later..)

Your advice is needed sweet readers...

Think We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

First let me start off by saying I love my husband. There I said it.

Now, let's get to it... My husband, the adorable Mr. Jetplane, has serious issues with sitting still and doing nothing for an extended period of time. Mrs. Jetplane... well I can lay on a couch and watch television all day long...so obviously I don't have that problem.

Right now Mr. Jetplane is taking online courses for his M.S. and getting his private pilot license. Last week he got his scuba certification and this weekend the Jetplanes are taking sailing lessons. (Don't worry folks when we get to NC his free time will be non-existent.)

Yes Mr. Jetplane envisions us in a picture like this some day.

However for the time being, it will be more like this.

You see I was tricked into thinking that we'd be on the same boat so I would get some sun and Mr. would do all the work. That's not the case, we each have our own boat... now this isn't going to go well for Mrs. Jetplane.

You see, a while back the Jetplanes went out on a huge sailboat (huge) that is own by my boss. After a while he asked me if I wanted to steer, so I hopped up and he told me to see which way the wind was blowing... I couldn't figure it out, it feel like it was coming from every direction... UGH How am I suppose to sail when I can't even tell you which way the wind blows.... I hopeless

I jokingly told Mr. Jetplane that me alone on a sailboat will bring back memories of this.... Minus all the sexy guys of course...

Pray for me on Saturday... at least let me get a decent tan...
Monday, June 15, 2009

These are the Days of Our Lives (Jetplane Style)

Actual conversation that occurred at Case de Jetplane prior to the True Blood last night.

Mrs. Jetplane popping open a bottle of champagne since she was celebrating and plopping down on the couch with a full glass. (Mind you that I used a red wine glass so I got more in each glass and less getting up to refill. That's KLASSY, yes I'm well aware of it.)

Me: "I bought a six pack of beer while I was at the store. Its mine, I intend to drink it this week."

Mr: "Excuse me..."

Me: "I bought a sixer of Bud Light. I will be drinking it this week. If you want beer go buy it."

Mr: "Boy you sure are drinking more these days."

Me: "Yeah, it calms me."

Mr: "It calms you from what."

Me: "From Everything!"

Mr: "Okay whatever you say."

Me: "That's right! And I'm totally serious about not drinking any of my beer."

Mr: "Do you plan on drinking that whole bottle tonight?"

Me: "Don't know... we'll see where the night takes me... which will probably be straight to bed."

Now, I'll be honest in the past couple of years I had really stopped drinking all that much. But since Mr. Jetplane left for training and I was home alone for like 6 months, I liked to have a drink or 2 or a bottle of wine on a Saturday night by myself watching Lifetime movies... sue me.

But work right now is kicking my butt and it helps me sleep better, so please no comments about me being an alcoholic. I watch enough Intervention to know better....

Now get me home... I have a Bud Light with my name on it.

Sunday Nights Just Got Better...

For anyone that has read this blog for any amount of time can tell, I am a FAN of the Southern Vampire Series (aka Sookie Stackhouse series...aka My entertainment while Mr. was away).

I actually found out about the book series after watching and loving the 1st season of True Blood on HBO. I enjoy both the series and the books immensely. While I do feel I am purist when it comes to the books v. series, I think that Alan Ball is a creative genius and no one could bring these books to life (pun intended) better than he could. I believe in his vision. While I don't fully support some of the choices he's made (Jason in the Fellowship) I will assume that his decisions are for the greater good of the series.

The season premiere last night was great. Who do you think killed Ms. Crazy Con Artist Lady, I know who I think did, but I'll keep my ideas to myself. I will say that I'm delighted Lafayette is still alive. He is a character that I am thrilled Mr. Ball saw potential in and grew into a much larger (and still alive) character in the series. Do you think he's going to make it out there alive, well in some form or fashion?

What are your thoughts are the season premiere? Happy?

I speak only for myself here but... I was happy with it. I'm excited to see where the majority of these story lines take us. I'm sure its going to be hot, sweaty, bloody Sunday nights for awhile at the Jetplanes' household.

P.S. Eric...thank you for making an appearance. I loved that you were getting your roots did, but honey your a vamp your hair isn't suppose to grow. Oh well... Mr. Ball I'll give you a pass... You brought us Eric and that's a good thing.
Friday, June 12, 2009

Giddy as a School Girl

Well Hello Eric. So nice to see you. I hope I get to see you on Sunday night!!

I'm so freaking excited about True Blood coming back on Sunday that its ridiculous. But I'm going to admit something here... Since reading and loving all the books, I have a feeling that I'm not going to agree with some of the choices Alan Ball is going to have made. I get it... he's a creative genius and all, Six Feet Under was a fabulous show....but I love these books Mr. Ball... don't f it up. I'm committed to these characters, I'm invested in the storylines, and I don't want you to screw with it.

Somethings I'm worried about... some potential spoilers for you since I read about the 1st several episodes.

1. I'm not feeling the story for the Maenad.
2. There is no Bubba. I understand why, but still there should be a similar character to replace him
3. Jason in the Fellowship? Not feeling it.
4. Worried about how they will show the fight/ending of Book 2.
5. They better start to develop the love triangle. I am very much Pro-Eric and I think they have to bring him into it or else there will be hell to pay.
6. Evan Rachel Wood as the Queen of Louisiana...not sure about that either

But, I'll wait to cast final judgements. Thoughts? Are you all excited? The Jetplanes will be watching that's for sure.

Pug Friday - Vintage Milo 3rd and final Edition

Good Morning and Happy Friday to everyone. I don't know about you but this week has really kicked my ass. And I am uber happy that Friday has finally came around. This weekend we don't have any real plans and that's music to my ears.

For this Pug Friday I have retrieved 2 more pictures of my Milo when we was a puppy. And I apologize in advance for cutting someone out of the pictures, my ex, aka Mr. Douchebag, as is he affectionately referred to on my blog.

Don't worry he wasn't hurting him, Milo liked to wrestle and nimble at your fingers. He was quite a handful as a puppy. He's my lil old man now, but some days he still has that crazy puppy side to him.

I mean come on, how cute are pug puppies? Seriously...

But my lil old man can be just as cute. He'll be celebrating his 6th birthday next month along with Mr. Jetplane. Don't worry... I got his (meaning Mr.) gift in the mail yesterday...actually from Rue La La, more on that later...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anyone have a HOOKUP?

Okay, this is totally random post. The Jetplanes watch HGTV all the time, and love House Hunters and Property Virgins. We also enjoy My First Place on TLC.

We are moving to NC in August and are planning on visiting and looking for places to buy in July/early August. We're on a mission to get on 1 of these shows...

I've emailed them multiple times...no response as of yet.

I mean come on HGTV, I've seen some of the weirdos you have on there. The Jetplanes are way cooler than that any day of the week.
*Yes I know his shirt says Steel Erection. Yes my husband is a guy that wears shirts that say stupid ass stuff. Yes I am the woman married to the man that wears a shirt that says Steel Erection.*
I mean come on... how can you say no to this sexy piece of man meat....

He would absolutely kill me if he knew this picture was on my blog.. Ha ha!!

No but in all seriousness.... We want on HGTV...or TLC.........

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Key to Mrs. Jetplane's Heart

Well I know you're all asking yourself what did Mr. Jetplane get me for our 1 year anniversary? I know... I'm sure the pain is horrible...

I am happy to report that Mr. Jetplane did good, however I did drop a hint like the size of a nuclear bomb that even my husband couldn't ignore.

Isn't it cute? I love it and have gotten quite a few compliments on it already.

What did I get him,well I decided to get him a Ryan Sandberg jersey, who happens to be one of his favorite (retired) Cubs players. He loves it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Movie Review - The Hangover

The Jetplanes saw this movie Sunday evening after returning from Biloxi. The previews looked funny and I was concerned that all the funny parts may be in the trailer. But I'm delighted to say, I was not disappointed in the least bit.

This movie is seriously funny. But be warned - its dirty and inappropriate...just like I like my dark comedies. Very Bad Things is one of my favorite movies, and I was worried that this would be similar to it, but it is very different version of a bachelor party in Vegas.

Go see it... you'll laugh your ass off, we did. I think this is definitely a movie that I will buy.

To watch the trailer click here...

And just for pure fun this morning... check this out as well
Sunday, June 7, 2009

Looking back... a belated post

Good Morning to All... I hope you all enjoyed a great weekend, the Jetplanes sure did. As you know we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. We can hardly believe it, it has been one year already. An anniversary weekend post coming up, but since I didn't have time to do a post yesterday and since a number of new readers have joined lately, I thought I'd take you down memory lane with the Jetplanes.

I love this picture. To me he's like "We're going all in right??". Of course we are honey!! All in for life!
And this picture shows the mishap that happened during our vows. Mr. Jetplane called me his AWFUL WIFE instead of his LAWFUL WIFE. It was hilarious and he felt so bad. It was funny, and I wasn't mad at all. To be honest, I had a feeling he was going to get caught up in his vows.

Another funny story about our wedding. Mr. Jetplane winged 3 weeks before the wedding and had his final PT test the week before the wedding (this allows him to get his 'hard' wings). The day of his final flight he went to the beach on base with some friends. He jumped off of one of the platforms that they in the water on the beach on base and broke 4 bones in his foot. He had to wear a boot for 3 weeks.
** I informed him that day, he would not be wearing that boot in our wedding.
The week before the wedding, in order to get his actual wings he had to pass his PT test, normally not a big deal for him. However he had to run a 2 miles in his boot in order to pass and get his wings. If not, then he'd have to wait 4 weeks for the next class to finish so he could take it with them. Well, he was determined that he was going to wear his wings on our wedding day. So he ran 2 miles in his boot, I would have paid money see him hobbling along for 2 miles. He did actually pass 1 person.
FYI- he also went on his bachelor party in Chicago with his boot on. Ha Ha... serves him right.
Friday, June 5, 2009

Celebrating 1 Year of 'The Jetplanes'

And we're off today to enjoy a weekend of gambling, adult beverages, and the sun.

Eventhough you drive me crazy...I adore you Mr. Jetplane. You are my best friend, my husband, my rock, my sounding board, and the love of my life. You are my other half and I don't know who or where I would be without you.

Now... you better have gotten me a freaking card.

Pug Friday - Vintage Milo 2

Happy Friday Y'all (yes I may have been in the south long...)

Toddy is an exciting day, I'm leaving work early and the Jetplanes are heading to Biloxi to begin the celebration of their one year wedding anniversary. I'm so excited to just enjoy and uninterrupted fun for a couple of days.

But we will miss our boys, we have a friend staying at our house weekend so the boys are happy.
But today is Friday and Friday around these parts is always Pug Friday. And since I have located some oldie, but goodies, of my lil muchacho Milo I had to share them with you .
Look at that lil face, is it not the cutest thing ever. And finally, he is my favorite picture of Milo EVER. I know some of you have seen this picture posted before, but I just had to do it.
This is from the first time I took him to my parents house. He loved sitting in our family dog's (Honey - Yellow Lab) dog bowl. I have no idea why, but its the cutest thing in the world to me.
Happy Friday.
Thursday, June 4, 2009

Attn Banana Republic Shoppers!!!

I have an important question....
Does anyone have this necklace or seen it in person?

Someone has some coupons burning holes in her pockets - not only did I get sent 2 $20 off coupons, I got sent my bday gift of $15 off twice as well. And the bday gifts have to be spent this month. So help a sister out will ya?

I live in BFE and we don't have BRs only outlets...yes I know its horrible...

Someone Shouldn't Go Out on School Nights

Well this lady is 29 years old now, what should I expect, right??

The Jetplanes met up with some friends in town for a lovely dinner and drinks. And since it was Ladies Night at the bar attached to the restaurant, it was $2 Everything. Wine Please!!

So needless to say I am dragging some serious ass this morning... That's why this song is the perfect anthem to the morning and what I sang during my long, hot shower....

FYI- Mr. did finally get me a card, it was sitting on the bed when I came home from work yesterday. More on that later.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Now Seating for Pity Party of One

First things first, THANK YOU all so much for all your kinds words and Birthday Wishes yesterday, it meant the world to me. You all are fabulous and I adore you...air kisses to you all.

Now I will provide a disclaimer: Mrs. Jetplane is not, I repeat, is not, HIGH MAINTENANCE and generally I set my expectations rather low so I won't be disappointed. But I was rather disappointed with my birthday this year, and I'll be honest, the last great birthday I had was turning 21.

Mr. Jetplane is not a romantic. He is not a planner. He is not mushy, sentimental, or emotional. I, on the other hand, am all of those, generally speaking.

My birthday started out ok. He sang happy birthday to me in the morning and brought me chocolate milk and my morning vitamins and met me for lunch. He had to drop Charlie off at the vet (more to come on that). We had a nice lunch and I dropped hints about flowers and a card.

**Now let me say this... I am a card person. I believe you should always get a card and put something meaningful in it, especially on birthdays and anniversaries. You tell the person how you feel about them and how much they mean to you. I want (nor almost demand) a card for special occasions and I want him to write something meaningful in it. This is a non-negotiable point.

4:30 rolls around and he calls to tell me that we're not going to be able to pick up Charlie until 6:30 and she notices that he has fluid in his lungs and a slightly enlarged heart. Okay, so I go into total freak out mode and start researching what all of this means to our baby Charlie and I start losing my sh!t. Cancel dinner, I'm not interested, I just want to get home and go pick up our big ol dog.

I get home and we decide that we'll just stop in at Applebees since its near the Vet. OMG, we used to go to this location all the time and hadn't been there in some time.

The service was horrible and our food was totally inedible. I looked like it sat under a hot lamp for 10 minutes, which would make sense since everyone around us got their food first.

She came back to the table to ask how it was I just simply asked "Well look at it! You tell me." "Oh sorry we have a new heat lamp." I kindly remarked... My meat is not chewable and is cold, the vegetables are steamy hot and not even what I ordered and all I can eat is the baked potato. His rice is literally brown and the chicken is stuck to the plate. We can't eat this and we're late and don't have time to wait another 25 minutes for our food." Manager came and covered our ticket and apologize. Oh well Applesbees... I'll take my business elsewhere...

Moving on down the road of birthday fun... Get to the vet. Charlie does have a slightly enlarged heart on the right side. He doesn't have a murmur and has no other symptoms associated with enlarged hearts. A normal heart for a dog his size is something like 10.2 and he is 10.7. Also he has fluid in his lungs. We are going to work on the fluid issue for the next 2 weeks and then see about the heart.

What led to all of this... Well around 2am - 5am he sometimes sounds like he is going to throw up so we rush him outside and he'll spit up some water. This used to happen maybe once everyone 3-4 months. Its happened almost everyday for the past 2 weeks. Then yesterday morning he didn't want to eat his food. OKAY... something wrong.. to the vet you go.

So our big baby was all drugged up when we picked him up at the vet and just looked so sad. We let him lay on the couch, generally a no no, but when he's sick all rules are made to be broken.

So back to the BDAY - ummm my hubby got me NO CARD and NO FLOWERS. He said that he didn't have time to do it with Charlie's issues. But between the time he dropped Charlie off at noon until we picked him up at 6:30 he had time to

1. Take a nap
2. Sweep the floors
3. Go swim laps
4. And hang out with the neighbor rebuilding his motorcycle
5. Shower
6. Get dressed
7. And hang out with the neighbor rebuilding his motorcycle

Yeah!!! I'm pissed.

1. He knows my deal with cards, he felt that rath several years ago
2. He always gets me flowers

He then told me that he has all these things planned for this weekend since its our anniversary and this weekend was like a co-event. (Guess I was just suppose to assume that, since you didn't say anything, and led me to believe that you had something planned for my bday.)


So we'll see how this weekend is, because right now, Mr. Jetplane is treading on some thin ice with me.

But THANK YOU for dealing with my bitter, sad lil tweets last night. Much love to you all.. XOXO
Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Its Official.... 365 days I will be 30

Today I am 29 years old. I don't feel 29 and I sure as hell don't look 29, but I am. Wow! I think this birthday is the first one that I've felt a little weird about.

Picture from honeymoon in the DR after too many glasses of cheap champagne.
Thank you for all the early birthday wishes, I appreciate each and every one. I got a text message from girl friend this morning at 6:30am, and Mr. Jetplane was like.... "OMG your friends send you 'Happy Bday' messages at 6:30am?"
I'm not sure what (if anything) is in store for my birthday. Mr. Jetplane and I haven't been able to celebrate it together in 3 years. We've always been apart for it. So hopefully he planned...something... I adore my hubby but he is not romantic or a planner, he's a fly by the seat of his pants type of guy. So I'll let you know.

But we are headed to Biloxi this weekend to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.... It should be an exciting week.

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