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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mrs. Jetplane cooking healthy...

Well as promised I have a great recipe that believe it or not has tofu in it. Now, let me tell you, Mrs. Jetplane is not a fan of tofu, so I was very leery of this recipe. But I trusted my dear friend Dr. W. She actually got this recipe from the nutritionist that she was seeing, it was part of the diet plan she was given.


1 Packet of Hidden Valley Ranch
1 14oz Tofu (recipe recommends Mori-Nu brand) UPDATE: Firm Tofu
3/4 cup canola oil
2 tbsp of vinegar (I used apple cider)
1 egg
3 packets of Splenda
Dash of Season All Salt

Blend egg and vinegar on Medium, with blender on add oil in a thin stream.
Then add seasonings and tofu.
Blend and then stir.
Refrigerate before stirring.

1/4cup = 1 serving

I love to eat this with veggies, put it on a sandwich instead of mayo, use as a dip for chicken strips, or eat with melba toast crackers.


And heads up...my next healthy recipe is an awesome Poppy Seed Salad Dressing which will seriously rock your world. I make it all summer love to put it on spinach and strawberry salad or a spinach, pine nut, and mandarin orange salad.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

MMM, I need to come to your house for dinner!

Brittany said...

is it the silken tofu or the firm stuff? i've bought the wrong kind before and it had bad results!

rebecca said...

Sounds interesting. I don't think my hubs would eat it. Unless I didn't mention the tofu. I may give it a whirl :)

Living for the Little Moments said...

I agree with Becca.... I'd probably have to trick my husband into eating it, but keep the healthy recipes coming! I love trying to cook new things!

Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

Hmm...I'll have to try that. I grew up on tofu and was a vegetarian for about 2 years so it was a huge part of my diet. I love trying new recipes!

The Farleys said...

Hello. Saw your post on BEB. I'm so happy with your direct and educated answer to her earlier post. By the way I love tofu. I'm a vegetarian 4 months and counting. I'm always looking for a new tofu recipe. Can't wait to try this one out! Thanks again.

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