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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweet Home Chicago...

Well, its not my home city but its close enough...

I booked my tickets today for February to head back to Chicago for a weekend of fun and a little craziness.

One of my best friends Lou (nickname to protect the innocent) is getting married in ATL very soon (yeah!) and her shower and bach party are going to be in Chicago. She from there but now living with her soon to be hubby in ATL. I get to see her and all our friends that I haven't seen since my wedding. (double YEAH!)

Also, my friend J is having her lil girl this month (hopefully in the next week) and I get to stay with her and see her new lil baby J. Oh I am so excited.

I leave in exactly 30 days. I can't wait.


Olde Town Style Guide said...

Those are two really big events to share with your friends!! How wonderful!! Please take lots of pictures!!

Stephanie said...

I see the letters ATL in this post.

I want dates.

and for you to squeeze me in for at least one drink.

Sara said...

How nice! So much to look forward to

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